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Koki Nakano’s new album, Oceanic Feeling, is a celebration of ambiguity. The album’s title is borrowed from an expression coined by the French writer and musician Romain Rolland in 1927. In a letter written to Sigmund Freud, Rolland described the oceanic feeling as “the sensation of eternity, a feeling of being one with the external world as a whole”. While this concept of oneness permeates Nakano’s whole album, the music also deals with his inability to fully live in this so-called oceanic feeling, capturing thus the composer’s longing, frustration and ultimately search for harmony within his own limitations.

For Nakano, who has played the piano since he was three-years old, music has always been his way of finding balance in the world. And it’s this very physical experience of music – one which acknowledges the bodily tensions of movement and gravity – that makes his sound so unique. It also explains why dance is such a big part of his work. In 2019, Nakano collaborated with renowned visual artist Kohei Nawa, famous choreographer Damien Jalet and a group of dancers to explore different points of fusion between the human body and the landscape.

The project was then followed by Nakano’s second album, Pre-choreographed, where he continued his collaboration with dancers to further explore this universe, “There’s no sound without movement, there's no movement without sound. The two are inseparable,” says Nakano, who composed much of Oceanic Feeling while watching dancers move to what he played in the Parisian artist residence he inhabited. “Sometimes the dancers would tell me I was going too fast and that they couldn’t move their bodies like that, and so I would adapt the music. I don’t want the music to become disconnected from the human body.” says Nakano.

  • MONUMENTAL: Ep. 2 - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao / Koki Nakano
    MONUMENTAL: Ep. 2 - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao / Koki Nakano
  • Koki Nakano ft. Tess Voelker - ARTE Concert Festival 2023– ARTE Concert
    Koki Nakano ft. Tess Voelker - ARTE Concert Festival 2023– ARTE Concert
  • Koki Nakano - Live at Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
    Koki Nakano - Live at Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
  • Koki Nakano - Port de Bras (Official video)
    Koki Nakano - Port de Bras (Official video)
The work of Japanese composer and pianist Koki Nakano is music of the body: reconciling musical invocation with physical reaction, every flourish is like an electrical impulse firing across a network of nerves; every sharp, staccato note is inflicted like a wound, and every gentle keystroke is the peace that comes from a familiar touch. Das Werk des japanischen Komponisten und Pianisten Koki Nakano ist Musik des Körpers: Musikalische Beschwörung mit körperlicher Reaktion in Einklang bringend, ist jede Bewegung wie ein elektrischer Impuls, der über ein Nervennetzwerk feuert; jede scharfe Staccato-Note wird wie eine Wunde zugefügt, und jeder sanfte Tastenanschlag ist der Frieden, der von einer vertrauten Berührung ausgeht.
The Line of Best Fit, 03.31.2022
Koki Nakano is an artist that will stay with you. His music is beautifully intense and yet beautifully simple. Virtuosity that will blow your mind combined with the ability to find an emotional connection with all of us that is simply astounding. Koki Nakano ist ein Künstler, den man so schnell nicht vergisst. Seine Musik ist wunderschön intensiv und doch wunderschön einfach. Virtuosität, die Sie umhauen wird, kombiniert mit der Fähigkeit, eine emotionale Verbindung zu uns allen herzustellen, die einfach erstaunlich ist.
Jazz in Europe, 05.02.2022
With his set tonight, the audience’s minds turn away from the everyday stresses of being stuck in a human body, and are invited to imagine how a heightened awareness of their body can actually bring a sense of euphoric, natural calm. Mit seinem heutigen Set wendet sich das Publikum vom alltäglichen Stress ab, in einem menschlichen Körper gefangen zu sein, und ist eingeladen, sich vorzustellen, wie ein gesteigertes Bewusstsein für seinen Körper tatsächlich ein Gefühl von euphorischer, natürlicher Ruhe hervorrufen kann.
Loud and Quiet, 03.30.2022
Oceanic Feeling
Oceanic Feeling
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