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Marala, consisting of Selma Bruna from Catalonia, Clara Fiol from Mallorca, and Sandra Monfort from Valencia, are a band that stands out for their unique approach to music. They have a deep-rooted interest in tradition as a catalyst for innovation, crafting songs that bridge the gap between the present and the past. Their latest album Jota de morir is a powerful and hopeful creation, born from an exploration of death within traditional music. Renowned Catalan singer-songwriter Pau Vallvé handled the musical production, while Jordi Casadesús, a celebrated Catalan musician, oversaw the sound production. The album seamlessly blends artificial and organic sounds, incorporating elements like prophets, square tambourines, "Semana Santa" drums, elegies, and even feminist reggaeton, all anchored by the band's captivating voices.

Marala's success has been highlighted by numerous accolades, including being named the best album of the year at the "Premis Enderrock 2023." They also clinched the title of best folk album at the "Premis Enderrock De La Música Balaer 2023." Furthermore, their exceptional work garnered them two "Carles Santos" Awards in 2022, recognizing their achievements as the best album of the year 2022 and best traditional music album. Adding to their list of honors, Marala received an "Ovidi Montllor" award in 2022 for best folk album.

  • MARALA - El desich (videoclip)
    MARALA - El desich (videoclip)
  • MARALA - A la vora del riu mare (videoclip)
    MARALA - A la vora del riu mare (videoclip)
  • MARALA - Jota de Morir Live (Trailer)
    MARALA - Jota de Morir Live (Trailer)
  • MARALA - Vídeo resum Jota de Morir 2023 [DISIMULA]
    MARALA - Vídeo resum Jota de Morir 2023 [DISIMULA]
  • MaralaMarala Marala Marala
Jota de morir
Jota de morir
Line up

Selma Bruna, Clara Fiol and Sandra Monfort + 1x Sound






2024 summer, fall
2025 all year
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