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Mexican Son Rompe Pera inspire with their cumbia punk and at the same time highest virtuosity on the marimba. The Gama brothers began playing the traditional marimba as children. When youthful rebellion struck, however, they turned to punk and psychobilly. Now they have come full circle and are at the forefront of Cumbia's contemporary international scene with their musical fusion of rock music and the classical instrument.

Their live shows are a sweaty mess of dancing fans, and this garage-cumbia-marimba punk band never disappoints on stage. Their authenticity shines through as they give their modern interpretation of Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian classics, as well as their own original material and some surprise covers. The contrast of the traditional marimba with their youthful attitude and street sense connects the audience to the past while they dance into the future.

Son Rompe Pera released their debut LP in March 2020 right as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, making it impossible to tour behind what many have called one of the best records of the year. Their last live show was at the Vive Latino Festival in Mexico City, where they performed alongside Chico Trujillo. The global lockdown didn’t stop them, as they were present in virtual events like Mole de Mayo in Chicago and the World Music Institute´s end-of-year celebration, as well as online festivals in Ecuador, Italy, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. They became known for their weekend performances in Parque Mexico, as masked and socially distanced fans would come out to see them. With their name growing bit by bit, they were invited to do an ‘at home’ session of Live on KEXP, as well as being selected as an official band at the 2020 and 2022 WOMEX international music conference.


30.07.2024 CH-Thun Am Schluss
  • Son Rompe Pera - Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home)
    Son Rompe Pera - Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home)
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    Chucha - Son Rompe Pera
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    Son Rompe Pera: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
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    Son Rompe Pera | Onplugged Sessions
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    Son Rompe Pera | Cumbia Algarrobera
  • SON ROMPE PERA en "Dosis para el encierro" #17AñosDe #Ibero909XVII
    SON ROMPE PERA en "Dosis para el encierro" #17AñosDe #Ibero909XVII
Son Rompe Pera - one of the most energetic acts in Latin punk. Or punk, period
Los Angeles Times, 10.26.2022
Mexico's Son Rompe Pera bang the marimba at the crossroads of cumbia and punk Earlier this year, in the blazing Mexico City sun, plucky cumbia band Son Rompe Pera was tasked with opening the main stage of the gargantuan Vive Latino Festival. Despite the notoriously thankless slot where many a band has floundered, the psychobilly marimberos from Naucalpan, Mexico, convened a massive crowd that treated them like headliners. Dance circles formed throughout the arena, throbbing to the punkified cumbia blaring from the speakers. By the end of the set, thousands of elated dancers clapped and cheered, anointing Son Rompe Pera into the pantheon of hometown heroes.
NPR, 10.03.2022
AYA Records
AYA Records
Line up

Alan Gama (marimba & voice)

Alfredo de Jesús Gama (marimba & vocie)

Jose Angel Gama (percussion & voice)

Raul Albarran (bass & voice)

Ricardo Lopez (drums)



Great Britain, Netherlands, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Luxembourg, Ireland, Central Europe

2024 May, July, August, fall
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Frank Abraham
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Allegra Boothman
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Luis Schlag
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