Voices of Yemen

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Voices of Yemen

Ear-bending vocal harmonies, powerful Yemenite rhythms of the traditional oil can, intense amplified grooves and beautiful free soundscapes are all elements reflected in the music of Voices of Yemen. The ensemble creates an ancient art form transformed into a deep, trance-inducing adventure of joyful music and performance.

Voices of Yemen was created in 2021 by Ravid Kahalani (Yemen Blues) in partnership with the Association of Culture led by Dr. Yigal Ben Shalom - whose main focus is to preserve the mystical songs of the Jewish Tribes of Yemen.

Produced and arranged by enigmatic bassist Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (Yo-Yo Ma, John Zorn, Cyro Baptista) and Ravid Kahalani, Voices of Yemen’s debut album “Judah” presents a carefully selected collection of ritual songs performed by a chorus of energetic and soulful vocalists singing in the uniquely wild style characteristic of their ancestral heritage.


  • Voices of Yemen - Ayuma Hamshi ( קולות תימן - איומה המשי)
    Voices of Yemen - Ayuma Hamshi ( קולות תימן - איומה המשי)
  • Laner Velivsamim  - Voices of Yemen
    Laner Velivsamim - Voices of Yemen
Line up

Yair Tzabari – vocals, percussion, oud
Aviad Yihye – vocals, percussion
Ravid Kahalani – vocals, percussion
Boaz Gadka – vocals, oil can, percussion
Rony Iwryn – percussion
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – bass
Ofer Mizrahi – guitar
Dan Mayo – drums




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