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Aynur is one of the most prominent Kurdish singers of our times. Her impressive voice and extraordinary musical narration represent the Kurdish music heritage of her cultural roots as a global genre. Her unique voice infuses traditional Kurdish folk music with the contemporary sensibility of Western music. In February 2020 Aynur’s soulful voice finally met the audience with the release of her new album ‘Hedûr’.

Hedûr is Aynur’s long awaited 7th studio album, it means “consoling oneself, taking solace in time” in Kurdish in her mother tongue. In Aynur’s own words the name emphasises the present moment of her musical and spiritual journey. It is “The way of finding inner peace and balancing it; the result of dearth, isolation or even of existence itself.”

One of the basis of the underlying themes of the album, “taking solace in time” is without a doubt a reflection of hardships, injustice and the mass misery being experienced in her homeland Turkey.

‘Hedûr’ contains many first achievements in Aynur’s career, including her first experiences as an arranger, composer, and producer throughout her musical journey. Working with German Jazz pianist Franz Von Chossy, Aynur blends traditional music of her Kurdish roots with Jazz elements, creating a contemporary sense of Kurdish music in „Hedûr”, carrying the ancient Kurdish music tradition into the present. The album presents her own new compositions as well as traditional songs from the archive of Huseyin Erdem, Kurdish writer and initiator of the Kurdish PEN Center. As a special surprise to her audience, Aynur plays Tembur for the first time in a recording, accompanying her own composition Hedûr.

Aynur's success allowed her to collaborate in fellowship with a wide range of acclaimed artists including world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, Kayhan Kalhor, Javier Limón, Kinan Azmeh, the Nederland Blazers Ensemble, the NDR Big Band and many more. She appears in one of the most remarkable scenes of Fatih Akın’s documentary “ Crossing the Bridge / The Sound of Istanbul ” and is part of Morgan Neville's documentary about Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, "The Music of Strangers”.

In 2017 Aynur received the "Master of Mediterranean Music" Award in the category of “Mediterranean Women in Action” from the Berklee Mediterranean Music Institute. This award recognised Aynur’s efforts to preserve and reinterpret Kurdish folk music, which has transformed her into an influential role model for other women artists on the Mediterranean music scene who are seeking to share their voices. Additionally, she was granted the renowned Womex Artist Award in 2021 "for her long-term dedication to the preservation and inovation of Kurdish and Alevi culture and maintaining the highest artistic integrity in the face of political pressure!".

The long awaited album Hedûr not only represents a musical return, but also an emotional one as it will mark a heartful ’homecoming’ for the artist with a tour to Turkey after five years.

Like only exceptional artists do, Aynur is reaching listeners in all generations, she is connecting the young generation with the roots of Kurdish music, combining treasures of the past with a musical language of today. Hedûr is a perfect example for her art.

  • Aynur Doğan - O Yar Gelir
    Aynur Doğan - O Yar Gelir
  • Aynur Artist Award Recipient | Live at WOMEX 21 Awards Ceremony
    Aynur Artist Award Recipient | Live at WOMEX 21 Awards Ceremony
  • Aynur Doğan - Dar Hejîrokê
    Aynur Doğan - Dar Hejîrokê
  • Aynur Doğan - Peş Nare | Live Performance
    Aynur Doğan - Peş Nare | Live Performance
  • AYNUR    Zerê
    AYNUR Zerê
  • AynurAynur Aynur Aynur
"To hear Aynur’s voice is to hear the transformation of all the layers of human joy and suffering into one sound. It reaches so deep into our soul, tears into our hearts, and then we are for one moment, joined as one. It is unforgettable."
Yo-Yo Ma
„Whenever Aynur takes a melody, she makes it her own, transforming it into something beautiful, and every note, every microtone, every word reaches depth and unparalleled beauty. She is a reason to love live music for centuries"
Javier Limón
Hedûr - Solace of Time
Hedûr - Solace of Time
The Orchard
Harmonia Mundi
Hevra (Together) [feat. Javier Limón]
Hevra (Together) [feat. Javier Limón]
Sony Music Classical
Rewend (Gocebe)
Rewend (Gocebe)
Sony Music
Kalan Music
Keçe Kurdan
Keçe Kurdan
Kalan Music
Line up

Aynur - Vocals and Tembur
Chris Jennings - Double Bass
Patrick Goraguer - Drums
Mike Roelofs - Piano
James Wylie - Saxophone
Sinan Cem Eroğlu - Guitar and Tembur





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