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With her new album Casa Guilhermina, Portugal's most famous fadista is breaking new musical ground. Having already risen to pop stardom with her album Desfado 10 years ago, becoming a close friend of Prince, who adored her, performing on stage with the Rolling Stones, and appearing in the most famous concert halls worldwide, the pandemic has given Ana Moura a welcomed break from a high-speed career. Remembering the music she heard in her parents' home, her mother Angolan, her father Portuguese, she began to frequent the dance clubs and small live clubs of Lisbon, meeting young musicians, often from Africa or moving in the electronic music scene. And she started writing her own songs, something that rarely happens in the career of a fado singer!

Together with young producers Pedro Mafama and Pedro Da Linha, Ana Moura has written and recorded Casa Guilhermina, a modern pop album that brings together the tradition of fado with African genres such as semba, morna & kizomba and Brazilian sounds of samba and choro, in an intense creative process. The album is characterized by auto-tune, R&B textures and kizomba beats, but it also includes reinterpretations of classic fados and traditional Angolan songs. Casa Guilhermina is the name of Ana Moura's house near Lisbon, where she was finally able to spend a lot of time without being constantly on tour, and where she spent months rediscovering her Angolan roots in a liberating creative process. It is named after her grandmother, who sang fado and danced to Angolan music, and who deeply inspired Ana Moura.

This completely new music of Casa Guilhermina presented Ana Moura with a new band for the first time outside Portugal in 2023, both as headliner and support act of Stromae.

  • Ana Moura - Mázia (Official Video)
    Ana Moura - Mázia (Official Video)
  • Ana Moura - Arraial Triste (Official Video)
    Ana Moura - Arraial Triste (Official Video)
  • Ana Moura - Jacarandá (Official Video)
    Ana Moura - Jacarandá (Official Video)
  • Ana Moura - Andorinhas (Official Video)
    Ana Moura - Andorinhas (Official Video)
  • Ana Moura, Branko & Conan Osíris  - Vinte Vinte (Pranto) [Official Video]
    Ana Moura, Branko & Conan Osíris - Vinte Vinte (Pranto) [Official Video]
  • Ana Moura - Loucura (Ao Vivo)
    Ana Moura - Loucura (Ao Vivo)
  • Ana MouraAna Moura Ana Moura Ana Moura
Ana Moura beweist in Berlin, dass man zu portugiesischem Fado auch tanzen kann
Berliner Zeitung, 01.19.2023
Radikaler denn je bricht Ana Moura mit den Vorgaben des Fado. Der junge Elektronikproduzent aus Lissabons Musikszene Pedro da Linha hat mitgemischt; Effekte wie Autotunes klingen an, der Beat ist straffer und wummiger denn je.
Berliner Zeitung, 01.14.2023
„It’s music that exposes every vocal nuance, and Ms. Moura had nothing to hide. Her lush alto voice can be smoky and hesitant or clear and pointed, working up to a tremulous insistence that hints at fado’s Arabic connections… Ms. Moura’s fado never forgets about the music’s past, but it lives in the moment."
The New York Times
"In ihrem neuen Album 'Desfado' macht sich die Sängerin ein wenig frei von der Tradition des reinen Fado, bringt eigens für sie komponierte englischschrachige Lieder mit hinein und auch Elemente von Jazz und Folklore, bleibt dabei aber immer nahe der Stimmung."
Taunus Zeitung, 08.12.2014
"An intensity and quiet emotion that should make her a major global star"
"Bei Ana Moura ist der Fado dann auch weniger Klage als vielmehr brennende Leidenschaft und große Sehnsucht. Und sie bringt ebenso sehr viel Lust in die Gesänge. Dies mit einer Stimme, die ganz aus Samt und Sinnlichkeit besteht. Große Gefühle werden schon in die instrumentalen Einleitungen hineingetragen: in die fein ornamentierten Melodien der gitara portugesa, deren zarter Silberklang die instrumentale Seele des Fado ist."
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 11.28.2017
Casa Guilhermina
Casa Guilhermina
Ana Moura
Universal Music
Universal Music
Leva-me aos fados
Leva-me aos fados
Universal Music
Para Alem da Saudade
Para Alem da Saudade
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
Line up

Ana Moura - Gesang

Gaspar Varela - portugisische Gitarre / E-Gitarre

André Moreira - Bass, Midi Controller, Pads



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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Frank Abraham
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