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Amaro Freitas

From the slums of Recife in north-eastern Brazil to an international jazz icon, Amaro Freitas has worked tirelessly to become the artist he is today. Already with his debut album Sangue Negro (2016), he was immediately acclaimed by the press and gained international attention for "an approach to the keyboard so unique that it astounds" (Downbeat). After Rasif (2018), the impressive album Sankofa was released in 2021 - a spiritual search for the forgotten stories, ancient philosophies, and inspiring personalities of black Brazil, which he continues seamlessly with Y'Y (2024) to complete the saga.

Backed by Jean Elton (bass) and Hugo Medeiros (drums), who formed his trio from the beginning, Amaro employs intricate rhythms and beat variations as if reinterpreting the ancient designs of his ancestors, and each track is imbued with a message or story that Amaro is eager to tell. These people, places and stories are Amaro's starting point. "I start from these theories, from these ideas, but then emotions start flowing into the notes; it's my interpretation of this knowledge translated into music." Amaro's influences include the evangelical church, his hometown of Recife, funk music, samba, maracatu and frevo. But like the Sankofa bird, Amaro's music, while looking back, is essentially contemporary music. "It's a continuation, it connects with the people of today and represents what's happening now."

Like all of Amaro's albums, Sankofa took about two years to make, with the trio spending eight hours a day, four days a week in the studio. "We value the creative process. We know it takes time to reach another place, and then it takes time to understand and translate that place. If we want to leave our comfort zone, the most important factors are time, dedication, discipline, and wisdom. Months go by and ideas start to fall into place. Time is the most important thing. Without it, we will not get where we want to go. I want to pass this message on to future generations as well: Let's slow down, let's give more time, let's do deeper things. Let's stop swimming on the surface, let's dive."

  • jazzahead! 2023 - Amaro Freitas (BR)
    jazzahead! 2023 - Amaro Freitas (BR)
  • Amaro Freitas - Baquaqua (Live)
    Amaro Freitas - Baquaqua (Live)
  • Amaro Freitas- Sankofa ( Official Music Video )
    Amaro Freitas- Sankofa ( Official Music Video )
  • Amaro Freitas  piano solo e audience partecipation  Monza Visionaria 2022
    Amaro Freitas piano solo e audience partecipation Monza Visionaria 2022
"Freitas makes the keys dance and chatter, as if each note were ricocheting off all the others, taking on energy and momentum from the swarm around it."
New York Times
“The rhythmic complexity of Amaro Freitas’ trio is dizzying.”
“I’ve listened to it twice, and there’s something special going on."
All About Jazz
"In terms of both composition and improvisation, this is a totallygripping, vibrant and original synthesis of jazz and Brazilian music."
The Wire
Far Out Recordings
Far Out Recordings
Sangue Negro
Sangue Negro
Amaro Freitas [dist. Tratore]
Line up

Amaro Freitas - Piano

Hugo Medeiros - Drums and Percussion

Jean Elton - Double Bass



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

2024 October, November
2025 all year
Ibrahim Bilen
Ibrahim Bilen
Head of A&R Jazz, Booking Agent / +49 30 26 103 29 22

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