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Biga*Ranx invented the «vapor movement» a kind of reggae/dub music influenced by electronic and rap music with slow tempo. As a celebrated MC, writer and producer, Biga*Ranx is a talented visual artist who’s mastered his music while honing his skills with a 360° total art approach. Since he was a little child, Jamaica has been the source of all of his musical inspiration. He quickly crafted his own distinctive sound, blending cloud music and rub-a-dub swing over a roots reggae foundation, while adding his chopped, screwed and vapor dub signature to the mix.

Nowadays, Biga*Ranx is one of the biggest reggae/dub artists. With the release of his newest album "Eh Yo!", Biga*Ranx performed a French tour (including two consecutive gigs at La Cigale in Paris) and played at over 30 festivals in summer 2023, including Solidays, Les Eurockéennes, Paléo, Esperanzah, Dour, Rototom.

The great spark that kick-started Biga*Ranx’ musical career came in 2008 when he met Jamaican legend deejay Joseph Cotton with whom he recorded the breakthrough Air France Anthem freestyle. This first big foray into the scene was a stepping stone to a creative decade which saw many albums following successively with a never-satiated audience rejoicing in sold-out major venues such as le Bataclan in 2014 and the Olympia in 2015.

In 2017, he released the album "1988", laying the foundations of his Vapor Dub and gracing the French reggae scene. The acclaimed album went on to be voted Best Reggae Album of 2018, paving the way for the follow-up "Sunset Cassette" released in 2020.

His unique musical style and technical skills are still very much on display on "Eh Yo!", which showcases through humor, epicureanism and at times melancholy his commitment to political causes, his militant ecological stance and understanding of the hardships faced by the have-nots.

  • Biga*Ranx ft. Atili - 7 days (Clip officiel)
    Biga*Ranx ft. Atili - 7 days (Clip officiel)
  • Biga*Ranx - Como Esta ft. Moistune & Aitor Lyon (Clip officiel)
    Biga*Ranx - Como Esta ft. Moistune & Aitor Lyon (Clip officiel)
  • Biga*Ranx – Solid (Freestyle)
    Biga*Ranx – Solid (Freestyle)
  • Biga*Ranx - Petite Marie (Fanzine Remix)
    Biga*Ranx - Petite Marie (Fanzine Remix)
In a decade, the 34-year-old Tourangeau has become one of the benchmarks of the rich French-speaking reggae scene with his electro-sounding style and his urban culture.
rfi Musique, 04.08.2022
 Sein reduzierter und dennoch facettenreich gemischter LoFi-Mix aus Reggae und HipHop ist sein Markenzeichen, das er auf seinem neuen Album "Eh Yo!" verfestigt.
WDR, 07.07.2022
Eh Yo!
Eh Yo!
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Wagram Music / W Lab
Sunset Cassette
Sunset Cassette
Wagram Music / W Lab
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