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Che Sudaka was formed in Barcelona in 2002 by once illegal immigrants. Che Sudaka are now considered a cult band, flagship of mestizo music and considered one of the best live bands in the world for two decades. They have been invited to festivals in fifty countries and have now played around two thousand concerts, with success among their fans that spans generations!

Che Sudaka have grown to become the figurehead of a lifestyle and cultural countermovement, the link of a globally connected family. Their expressive and socially critical lyrics, with which they break down all cultural, ideological, and physical boundaries and defend human coexistence against political and media division, set the band apart from the masses. The three South Americans find their inspiration not only in their own cultura popular, but also in legendary bands like The Clash, Mano Negra, or Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

With their optimistic rebellious lyrics, their endlessly positive attitude and energy on stage and their highly recognizable sound mix of Latin American folklore, ska, reggae, punk and electronic elements, Che Sudaka are rebellion, therapy and party. Each concert is a sweaty fiesta in the here and now, a moment of unity and togetherness, respect, and love.

In 2022, the three brothers, Leo, Kacha and Cheko, celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band. To mark the occasion, they not only released a new album, but also a book, which reflects the essence and history of the band in countless statements, and to which their friend and fellow musician Manu Chao contributed a warm-hearted prologue.


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  • CHE SUDAKA live @ Rototom Sunsplash Lion Stage 2023
    CHE SUDAKA live @ Rototom Sunsplash Lion Stage 2023
  • Che Sudaka & Los Rabanes - "De Colores"
    Che Sudaka & Los Rabanes - "De Colores"
  • Che Sudaka feat. Las Manos de Filippi "La Ley Del Miedo" (Videoclip oficial)
    Che Sudaka feat. Las Manos de Filippi "La Ley Del Miedo" (Videoclip oficial)
  • Che Sudaka feat. Mal Élevé  "Somos luz (Wir sind Licht)" (Videoclip Oficial)
    Che Sudaka feat. Mal Élevé "Somos luz (Wir sind Licht)" (Videoclip Oficial)
20 Años
20 Años
Cavernicola Records
Almas Rebeldes
Almas Rebeldes
Cavernicola Records
Cavernicola Records
Line up

Leo - lead vocals & spanish guitar
Kachafaz - lead vocals
Cheko - accordion, samplers and backing vocals



Germany, Northern Europe, Austria, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

2023 July, August, September, October
2024 summer, fall
Allegra Boothman
Allegra Boothman
Booking Agent, Production & PR / +49 30 26 103 29 23

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