Tiken Jah Fakoly

Côte d'Ivoire
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Tiken Jah Fakoly

His flair for combining catchy Reggae beats with serious and compelling lyrics has made him a mouthpiece for a whole generation of music fans, who embrace the political and social issues in his songs.
Tiken Jah Fakoly's current Album, "Racines", is a set of reggae covers added with West African instruments, on which he is joined by a remarkable cast, like Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, U Roy and Max Romeo.
To retrace where those Racines (“roots”, in French) come from, one should therefore imagine a kid dancing and singing to the reggae albums his big brother played in their Ivorian village. Forty years later, the little kid has come a long way: Tiken Jah Fakoly has become an icon on the African continent, and the most renowned francophone reggae artist in the world. He has sold half a million copies in France, won a Victoire de la Musique in 2003, and performed at Paris-Bercy in 2011. He has released more than a dozen albums, including a number of gold and platinum sales, sung in front of hundreds of thousands of people around the world and became one of the most in demand Reggae Artists in Africa.

  • Tiken Jah Fakoly - Get Up, Stand Up ft. U-Roy
    Tiken Jah Fakoly - Get Up, Stand Up ft. U-Roy
  • Tiken Jah Fakoly _ Quitte le pouvoir.mp4
    Tiken Jah Fakoly _ Quitte le pouvoir.mp4
  • Tiken Jah Fakoly - Ca va Faire mal
    Tiken Jah Fakoly - Ca va Faire mal
„Mit seinen Polit-Songs in der Tradition Bob Marleys gehört Tiken Jah Fakoly heute zu den wichtigsten politischen Stimmen Afrikas."
„Congratulations, then, to Tiken Jah Fakoly for an album that's refreshingly different. He has always been an outsider, an exile from the Ivory Coast who settled in Mali, where he has become a local star. [...] The result is an original and varied set that is helped by his soulful vocals and angry lyrics, including thoughtful songs in English and French."
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