Momi Maiga

Jazz Singer-Songwriter Fusion African
Momi Maiga

At just 26 years old, Momi Maiga stands out as a virtuoso of his instrument (the kora), as well as for his vocal fluency and as a curious, self-taught composer with an astonishing musical sensitivity. Combining ethnic jazz, afrobeat and flamenco in his compositions, he sings mainly in Mandinka and Wolof, while reflecting on prominent issues of our time. He uses poetic expressions to spread messages of joy and peace, while conveying blessings to audiences near and far.

Immersed in the rich musical heritage of West Africa, Momi Maiga grew up in the Casamance region of southern Senegal. Coming from the renowned musicians of the Cissokho family, Momi was brought up with their rich musical traditions. Following the historical legacy of the griots, which spans centuries, his artistic heritage links him with a deep connection to the Mandes traditions and their repertoires. At the age of six he began playing the Kora, one of the most revered instruments of the region. Two decades later and now based in Girona, Catalonia, Maiga has made himself a name in Spain, France and BeNeLux as a versatile instrumentalist, band leader and a daring and talented composer.

At the end of 2022, Momi released his first album Nio, which means soul in Mandinka, the native language of the young Senegalese musician, singer and composer. Kora and voice are his vehicle to transmit reflections on human values. Together with the Catalan percussionist Aleix Tobias Sabater, the excellent Marçal Ayats on cello, and the Mexican violinist Carlos Montfort who have all played with renowned artists such as Marco Mesquida and Silvia Perez Cruz, Nio becomes magic for all the senses. A highly contemporary oeuvre, dynamic and constant dialogue between cultures. Casamance, Mexico and Catalonia merge in a sea of transcontinental sounds and rhythms that surprise at every second.

The soul of the show comes alive with the presence of the four musicianstogether on stage, who immediately captivate the audience. Momi's warm voice dances among the twenty-two strings of the Kora. The bow of Marçal’s cello, the delicate and almost transparent percussion sounds of Aleix Tobias and the multiple sound effects of Carlos Monfort’s violin majestically accompany him. Fusion and emotion are the pillars of this vibrant, energetic and deep performance.


  • Momi Maiga - Fonyo - Live Black Music Festival - 10/03/23
    Momi Maiga - Fonyo - Live Black Music Festival - 10/03/23
  • Momi Maiga - Sidiya - Live Black Music Festival
    Momi Maiga - Sidiya - Live Black Music Festival
  • Momi Maiga - Dadje
    Momi Maiga - Dadje
  • Mansani - Momi Maiga (Videoclip)
    Mansani - Momi Maiga (Videoclip)
  • Denano - Momi Maiga
    Denano - Momi Maiga
Segell Microscopi
Line up

Momi Maiga - Kora, Vocals
Carlos Montfort - Violin, Vocals
Aleix Tobias - Drums, Percussions
Marçal Ayats - Cello, vocals



Denmark, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe

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