António Zambujo

Vocal Fado Latin
António Zambujo

António Zambujo is a singer of amazing finesse. Considered the guarantor of a tradition and an innovative pioneer, Zambujo is as much an heir to Amália Rodrigues as he is to Chet Baker and João Gilberto. Accompanied by a clarinet and trumpet, Portuguese guitar, double bass and his own guitar, Zambujo’s velvety voice sparkles across his sensual music with incomparable charm and elegance. His last two albums Quinto and Rua da Emenda, which reflect the varied mix of cool jazz with soft bossa and chanson, have remained over several years in the Portuguese Album Top 30. António Zambujo performs for an always growing number of fans in Portugal and abroad, currently selling sold out the big concert halls in Portugal in February 2016. He's already successful in France and has played in concert houses around the world.

  • António Zambujo - Flagrante (Ao Vivo no Coliseu)
    António Zambujo - Flagrante (Ao Vivo no Coliseu)
  • António Zambujo - "Pica do 7"
    António Zambujo - "Pica do 7"
  • António Zambujo - "Flagrante"
    António Zambujo - "Flagrante"
„Antonio Zambujo singt den Fado, spielt Gitarre und vermischt ihn auf diesem Album mit einer raffinierten Prise Jazz um einen faszinierenden und verführerischen Mix aus Herz, Seele und Verstand zu erschaffen."
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Até Pensei Que Fosse Minha
Até Pensei Que Fosse Minha
Universal Music Portugal
Rua da Emenda
Rua da Emenda
Harmonia Mundi
Line up

António Zambujo - Vocal, classical guitar
Bernardo Couto - Portuguese guitar
Ricardo Cruz - Contrabass
Jose Conde - Clarinet
Joao Moreira - Trumpet



Africa, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Israel, Lebanon

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