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ADG7 (Ak Dan Gwang Chil) - a multi-award winning Korean pop music group. With various Korean instruments (daegeum, saenghwang, ajaeng, gayageum and Korean percussion) and powerful vocals based on folk traditions, ADG7 creates a blend of Korean music, pop and funk with cheerful and humorous elements.

The ensemble features six Korean traditional musicians and three Powerhouse female folk singers. ADG7 performs repertoire from the sacred, shamanic and secular gut (ritual music) and minyo (folk song) traditions of the Hwanghae-do region, nowadays a western province of North Korea. Their powerful engaging performance will immerse audiences into a spiritual experience and bring blessings of positive energy originating from gut and minyo.

ADG7 was founded in 2015, to the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule. Their music expresses the true meaning of liberation and South Korea’s desire for reunification. They won multiple awards including Best Group at the 2018 KBS Korean Traditional Music Award and Sori Frontier Award At the 2017 Jeonju International Sori festival. ADG7 has performed at WOMEX 2019 and global FEST 2020, and has since then toured in Europe and North America, including Glastonbury and Roskilde Festivals.


28.05.2024 AT-Innsbruck Treibhaus Tickets
31.05.2024 AT-Klagenfurt Klagenfurt Festival
26.07.2024 DE-Berlin Haus der Kulturen der Welt Tickets
27.07.2024 DE-Burg Herzberg Herzberg Festival
02.08.2024 FR-Crozon Festival Du Bout Du Monde
  • ADG7: Tiny Desk Concert
    ADG7: Tiny Desk Concert
  • Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
    Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
  • ADG7: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
    ADG7: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
  • 악단광칠 영정거리 - 네이버 온스테이지2.0
    악단광칠 영정거리 - 네이버 온스테이지2.0
  • Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) - Millennium Stage (January 11, 2020)
    Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) - Millennium Stage (January 11, 2020)
[...] featuring their reinvention of Korean shamanistic folk-roots music performed with virtuosity, charisma, and pure energy.
Abu Dhabi World Onlin, 08.30.2020
The nine-member ensemble presents itself not as earnest traditionalists, but as a giddy show band with all the trappings of K-pop — choreographed singers, candy-colored costumes and bouncy, upbeat, often swinging songs that link the concision of folk tunes to the catchy repetition of pop, with brash cymbals for drive and flute and zither lines for instrumental hooks.
The New York Times, 01.13.2020
Such is Life
Such is Life
Jeong Ga Ak Hoe
Ak Dan Gwang Chil
Ak Dan Gwang Chil
Line up

Hyang Hee Lee - piri & saenghwang
Donghoon Kim - ajaeng
Meondongmaru Weon - gayaguem
Hyunjun Chun - percussion
Jinyoung Sunwoo - percussion
Chorong Bang - vocals
Yoojin Lee - vocals
Eunbi Choi - vocals




2024 May, June, July, August
2025 on request
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