Cape Verde
Vocal African

The charismatic singer Lura is the most famous musician of Cape Verde. It combines an enormously danceable, rhythmic sound with melancholic melodies and harmonies. Her last album Herança celebrated international successes.

The furious live program is in no way inferior to the versatile and fiery record. Driven by her excellent four-piece band (piano, guitar, bass, drums), Lura dances from the first song and tears her audience away. Her energy is impressive and her warm voice full and changeable. With every song you can feel the joy Lura and her musicians have on stage and how the intensity of the performance is constantly increasing. A unique opportunity to learn about the rich culture and people of Cape Verde and feel the vibe of this fascinating island nation.

  • Lura - BLA BLA BLA
    Lura - BLA BLA BLA
  • Lura - Sabi di Más
    Lura - Sabi di Más
Line up

Lura – Vocals
Toy Vieira – Piano
Paulo Bouwman – Guitar
Thierry Fanfan – Bass
Valentino – Drums



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Frank Abraham
Frank Abraham
Managing Director, Head of A&R Global Pop Music, Booking Agent / +49 30 26 103 29 20

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