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Torsten Goods

Torsten Goods is an acclaimed jazz musician in the german-speaking area. Torsten Goods is not only equipped with a virtuoso guitar technique – he also has an exceptionally sensitive and expressive singing voice that matches blues as well as swing and pop.

The son of a German father and an Irish mother received a stipend to study at the prestigious New School University in New York. He worked with Seleno Clarke, Barbara Tucker, Reverend Run, George Benson & Les Paul.

He has been invited to some of the major European festivals such as the Paris Jazz Festival, Jazz Baltica, the Leverkusen Jazz Days, Burghausen Jazz Weeks and many more. Wolfgang Haffner, Tim Lefebvre and Roberto Di Gioia supported him in the creation of the current album "Thank You Baby!" (ACT Music). He's working on a new album.

  • Torsten Goods - Thank You Baby (Album Trailer)
    Torsten Goods - Thank You Baby (Album Trailer)
"Goods bringt seine Kellergitarre leichthändig und virtuos zum Singen. Seine Finger rasen bei Soloimprovisationen im aberwitzigen Tempo übers Griffbrett."
Mittelbayerische, 04.17.2016
„[..] And that's no coincidence since Toresten's guitar sound has been regularly compared to George Benson's. Like George, Torsten also sings but though he "does scat" his vocals are very different... a touch of james Taylor about them, I'd say."
Soul And Jazz And Funk
Thank You Baby!
Thank You Baby!
ACT Music
Line up
Torsten Goods & Band

Torsten Goods - guitar, vocals
Jan Miserre - piano, keys
Thomas Stieger - bass
Felix Lehrmann - drums




2021 January, February, on request
Patrick Weissenfels
Patrick Weissenfels
Head of A&R Jazz, Booking Agent / +49 30 26 103 29 22

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