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Riff Cohen

Riff Cohen is an indie musician, singer-songwriter, lyricist, and composer. Born in Tel Aviv in 1984, Riff was educated in music and performance arts from a very early age. She studied musicology at Tel Aviv University (2005).

She released her first album during an artist residency at Cité des Arts and filmed, directed, and produced her own music videos. Her single “A Paris” (2010) received critical acclaim internationally. Riff sings in English, Hebrew, French and Arabic, and a large part of the French lyrics were written by Patricia Orie Cohen, her mother. After the success of her first album, in 2012, Riff signed with Universal Music in Paris to release the album internationally and go on a one-year tour across Europe and Turkey. In 2013, Riff won the ACUM Emerging Artist Award. In 2015, she released her second album, "A La Menthe", and toured Europe and mostly Turkey. Her single “Dans Mon Quartier” was translated into Turkish and became a big hit in Turkey with over 228 million streams. In 2020, she released her third album, "Quelle Heure Est-Il", via a Zoom concert, for over 5,000 viewers. Today Riff lives in Tel Aviv and is currently working on her fourth album.

Riff is the executive and musical producer of all her work. She has also collaborated with Enrico Macias and Goran Bregović on their own projects. The music incorporates Persian, Turkish, Iraqi, Moroccan, Algerian, and Berber influences as well as elements of Israeli 90s Oriental music. Riff has gained a wide and diverse audience, both secular and religious, worldwide and has performed in Europe, Turkey, Dubai, Israel, Jordan, India and more.


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  • Riff Cohen - Pay For Me∙{Shalem Alay}  ריף כהן - שלם עלי
    Riff Cohen - Pay For Me∙{Shalem Alay} ריף כהן - שלם עלי
  • Riff Cohen Lives Shows
    Riff Cohen Lives Shows
  • Riff Cohen - Bye Dubai
    Riff Cohen - Bye Dubai
  • Riff Cohen - Tempo
    Riff Cohen - Tempo
  • Riff Cohen- "Lamenté" Live!!! Herzl 16
    Riff Cohen- "Lamenté" Live!!! Herzl 16
  • 20.10.22 Riff Cohen - INDNEGEV
    20.10.22 Riff Cohen - INDNEGEV
  • 23.4.22 Riff Cohen- "Lamente" Mimona LIVE!! TEDER
    23.4.22 Riff Cohen- "Lamente" Mimona LIVE!! TEDER
Quelle Heure Est-II
Quelle Heure Est-II
Helicon Music
A La Menthe
A La Menthe
Riff Cohen
Line up

Riff Cohen- Singer 

Johanna Riethmueller- Violin
‏Yaniv Masel- Oud and Saz
Elad Kimchi - Synthesizer
Aviv Ezra - Percaussions Evyatar Hermesh - Bass

Eilon Elikam - Darbuka drum




2024 summer, fall
2025 all year
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Frank Abraham
Managing Director, Head of A&R Global Pop Music, Booking Agent
fa@f-cat.de / +49 30 26 103 29 20

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