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Omer Klein is a pianist and composer whose music is celebrated for its “borderless” (New York Times) quality, “[pushing] mainstream Jazz concepts into the future” (Time Out New York). As an exclusive Warner Music artist, he has released 10 albums, with over 100 original compositions. His notable works include Sleepwalkers, which won the 2018 ECHO award, and Personal Belongings, featuring his solo piano and trio arrangements. In 2023, Klein marked his trio’s 10th anniversary with the album Life & Fire, and premiered his first symphonic project, showcasing his compositions for trio and orchestra.

The Omer Klein Trio, formed in 2013 with bassist Haggai Cohen Milo and drummer Amir Bresler, is known for its extensive touring and the album Fearless Friday, hailed as a significant piano trio release. Klein’s collaborations extend from contemporary artists such as Silvan Strauß to renowned classical musicians like mandolinist Avi Avital, the Aris Quartett.

Born in Israel in 1982, Klein began playing keyboard instruments at age 5 and focused on the piano at 13. He studied at prestigious institutions and moved to the US on a scholarship before settling in Germany in 2009. A Steinway Artist, Klein resides in Frankfurt with his family.

Looking ahead, Klein will be the Jazz Artist in Residence at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt during the 2024/2025 season. He will premiere his new Sextet, host the “Late Night X” series, and debut his song cycle Ever So Lightly at the Deutsches Jazzfestival, featuring singer Becca Stevens and the hr-Bigband. Klein’s artistry continues to evolve, earning him recognition as one of the most fascinating artists of the decade.

  • Omer Klein Trio | Live at Leverkusener Jazztage 2023
    Omer Klein Trio | Live at Leverkusener Jazztage 2023
  • Omer Klein Trio - Shake It
    Omer Klein Trio - Shake It
  • Omer Klein Trio: Yemen | Live in Hamburg 2023
    Omer Klein Trio: Yemen | Live in Hamburg 2023
  • Omer Klein - Good Hands
    Omer Klein - Good Hands
Omer Klein brilliert nicht nur als Jazzpianist, auch als Komponist hat er viel zu sagen. Oft erzählt er mithilfe seiner Musik eine Geschichte, sei es die Erinnerung an eine Melodie oder ein Weckruf an die heutige Smartphone-Gesellschaft.
Omer Klein shows with his speed, touch, refinement and creativity that he belongs to the small group of master pianists
Süddeutsche Zeitung
The Israeli pianist Omer Klein works in a modern-jazz mode, brisk and borderless, and yet his music vibrates with cultural specificity, projecting a sense of place.
New York Times
Life & Fire
Life & Fire
Warner Music Germany
Personal Belongings
Personal Belongings
Warner Music Germany
Radio Mediteran
Radio Mediteran
Warner Music Germany
Warner Music Germany
Line up

Omer Klein - piano

Omer Klein & Avi Avital

Omer Klein - piano

Avi Avital - mandolin

Omer Klein & Silvan Strauß

Omer Klein - piano

Silvan Strauß - drums


Omer Klein - piano

Haggai Cohen Milo - bass

Amir Bresler - drums

Omer Klein & Aris Quartet

Omer Klein - piano

Aris Quartett:
Anna Katharina Wildermuth - violin
Noémi Zipperling - violin
Caspar Vinzens - viola
Lukas Sieber - violoncello




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