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This world-renowned six-piece Cimarrón delivers an extraordinary blend of its Andalusian, Indigenous and African roots, with a-raw ethnic singing, percussive stomp dancing and rapid-fire strings. Their energetic and infectious music includes harp, four-stringed cuatro, guitar-like tiple and bandola, maracas, Afro-Peruvian cajón, Brazilian surdo, Afro-Colombian Tambora, ancient deer-skull whistles from the Orinoco River, the Amazonian Manguaré and all the power of the stomp dance of the rustic parties in Los Llanos.

Cimarrón is considered as “the band that takes the music from the Orinoco River Plains across the world” by Forbes magazine . Around 40 countries of 5 continents have ovationated Cimarrón’s shows in central folk and global music festivals such as the Mawazine Festival in Morocco, Paléo Festival in Switzerland, Rudolstadt Festival, Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage Festival, Førde International Folk Music Festival or the San Francisco International Arts Festival. They also played at worldwide renowned performing art centers such as Japan Musashino Concert Hall and China National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

Cimarrón was Latin Grammy nominated for Best Folk Album (Orinoco, 2019) and earned the 2020 Songlines Music Awards as Best Group in the UK after their fourth tour alongside the acclaimed Welsh harpist Catrin Finch, which included a concert in the legendary Maida Vale Studios (BBC, London). The band has won Independent Music Awards (Best Instrumental, 2019), Transglobal World Music Chart (Best Album of South America, 2019).

Cimarrón recently celebrated their new album La Recia with a Europe Summer Tour and a wonderful cover in London's Songlines magazine, with photographs taken by Ruven Afanador. It was the number 1 album for July on the Transglobal World Music Chart and blasted in Top 20 World Music Charts Europe as the only album from the Americas on that chart. La Recia has also been positively rated in media such as The Bangkok Post, Radio Belgrade, Woxx, Heaven and Foolk.

  • Cimarrón - Velorio (Official Music Video)
    Cimarrón - Velorio (Official Music Video)
  • CIMARRON LIVE: Most Popular Band In The World From the Orinoco River
    CIMARRON LIVE: Most Popular Band In The World From the Orinoco River
  • Cimarrón - Tono de Velorio y Zumbajam (Live On The 2020 Songlines Music Awards)
    Cimarrón - Tono de Velorio y Zumbajam (Live On The 2020 Songlines Music Awards)
  • Cimarrón - Zumbajam (Live From the Orinoco River Plains)
    Cimarrón - Zumbajam (Live From the Orinoco River Plains)
  • Cimarrón - Orinoco (Official Music Video)
    Cimarrón - Orinoco (Official Music Video)
  • Cimarrón - Auténtica Llanera (Official Music Video)
    Cimarrón - Auténtica Llanera (Official Music Video)
Ana Veydó, a singer and the leader of the group Cimarrón, based in San Martín, is the rare female artist testing the limits of the genre, with piercing ballads that evoke the region’s nature and history.
New York Times, 01.16.2024
Think of Colombian music and the immediate styles that come to mind are cumbia, the lumbering, heavy rhythm from the coastal regions, and the flashy virtuosity of salsa.
Financial Times, 06.10.2022
The problem is that the identity and sonority of the region is associated only with one sound, with joropo," she tells NPR. "For Cimarrón, it's always been important to show that there's great diversity here.
NPR, 06.18.2022
The joropo music at the heart of their performance is an unfettered, passionate, joyful-yet-pained cry from the heart.
Songlines, 07.05.2022
La Recia
La Recia


Great Britain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe

2024 summer
2025 May
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