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47SOUL have become renowned for inventing their own genre Shamstep (also the name of their debut EP), which fuses dubby synthie sounds with rock elements, hip-hop and pop lyrics in English and Arabic. The high-energy electronic creation, featuring Arab roots music (Dabke) have been kicked up a gear on Balfron Promise, with cinematic soundscapes and menacing rock undertones creating an extra atmospheric edge.

The quartet have cultivated a fast-growing following from gigs around the world, including Glastonbury, Womad, Boomtown Fair, Bestival, Roskilde Festival, Esperanzah, Paleo Festival, MaMa, Womex, Reeperbahn, Visa for Music, The Great Escape, c/o Pop. Their distinctive hooks and powerful political lyrics resonate with their fans with their iconic YouTube music video for their debut single Intro to Shamstep (previously 11 million views). Fans are already eagerly awaiting the release of their second album in 2020.

They also have a formidable reputation as a live act built on their energetic and intoxicatingly otherworldly live shows. This is demonstrated by their sold-out record release show of their new album at London’s Village Underground and by many others such as in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cairo, Istanbul, Paris. In 2019, especially the American fans of 47Soul had the great opportunity to enjoy their shows at four North American tours.

Beyond their musical influence, 47SOUL are renowned as a voice on social and humanitarian issues – the band’s very name is an allusion to the year before the occupation of Palestine starting in 1948. Their lyrics, mixing Arabic and English, call for celebration and freedom in the struggle for equality, not only in the “Sham” region (Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan) but around the world.

  • 47SOUL - Hold Your Ground ft Lowkey (Official Video) | السبعة و أربعين - الرّافدين
    47SOUL - Hold Your Ground ft Lowkey (Official Video) | السبعة و أربعين - الرّافدين
  • 47SOUL - Gamar (Official video) | السبعة و أربعين - حبيت القمر
    47SOUL - Gamar (Official video) | السبعة و أربعين - حبيت القمر
  • 47SOUL: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
    47SOUL: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
  • 47SOUL - Mo Light  | السبعة وأربعين - رفّ الطّير
    47SOUL - Mo Light | السبعة وأربعين - رفّ الطّير
  • 47SOUL "Intro to Shamstep" | "السبعة وأربعين "مقدمة للشامستيب
    47SOUL "Intro to Shamstep" | "السبعة وأربعين "مقدمة للشامستيب
  • 47SOUL - 'Dabeekeh' Live (Palestine Tour 2016) | (السبعة و أربعين - "دبّيكة" (جولة فلسطين 2016
    47SOUL - 'Dabeekeh' Live (Palestine Tour 2016) | (السبعة و أربعين - "دبّيكة" (جولة فلسطين 2016
  • 47SOUL - "Jahrusalem" | Live at the TBA Live Series
    47SOUL - "Jahrusalem" | Live at the TBA Live Series
"party-starting electronic smashes... in genres including dub, alt rock, folk and rap – the ensuing fusion is fascinating"
The Guardian, 12.28.2017
"47Soul have crossed over, a bridge from East to West.."
" high-energy shamstep and cheerful protest tunes"
The Guardian, 01.25.2018
"It's big, bold, radical and hugely danceable, packing a potent punch both musically and politically"
"Womad is best when it's edgy [...] and nothing summed this up more than 47Soul"
Telegraph Review
"Egal wo du herkommst und wo du lebst, lass uns in Freiheit und Frieden zusammenleben. Und feiern. 47SOUL sind im Haus."
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung
“It is rare you find a band with such a unique sound and vibe”
Line Rindvig, MTV
"Their mix of dubbed-up reggae, rap and electrified Middle Eastern dabke is pretty much its own genre, know as “shamstep.” With a frame drum, darbuka, electric guitar and electronics, including a keyboard that alternately conjured snarling synth-bass and the traditional mijwiz reed flute, the band knew how to work a crowd, even breaking into some traditional dance steps."  
Rolling Stone
"With lyrics that are at once intensely political and sweetly universal, this is one "smart party band."
"The members of 47SOUL are drawn from the Palestinian diaspora, but the group’s musical roots reach even wider, encompassing Middle Eastern dabke drumming, fuzzy synth beats and reggae to eminently danceable effect. Politics are never far from the surface in lyrics that speak of dispossession and in the label — “Shamstep” — the band has given its music, which voices dreams of Arab unity across the Levant."
The New York Times
"Musicians on a mission spread positivity."
The Boston Globe
"47SOUL (…) spoke not only for the rights of Palestinians and Syrian refugees but for full-scale global unity against encroaching tyranny, through a blend of Arabic hip-hop, surreal dub reggae and keening, synthy habibi dancefloor pop."
New York Music Daily
Balfron Promise
Balfron Promise
Cooking Vinyl
Line up

Z the People - vocals & synths
El Far3i - darouka, Mc/Vocals
Walaa Sbeit - percussion, Mc/vocals
El Jehaz - guitar & vocals





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