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The critic Gilles Tordjman once wrote that Brazil was not a nation, but “a region of the heart, where everything seems to ring to the tune of a stronger and more accurate vibration”. This is a sentence that Stacey Kent could no doubt make her own.

At the age of 14, the American singer discovered the endless charms of the album, "Getz / Gilberto", an historic encounter of jazz and bossa nova, after which nothing would ever be the same. Over the course of a musical journey that has wandered freely in the open spaces of jazz and song, Brazil became, in her eyes, more than a country: a kind of internalized poetic horizon, a chosen land on an intimate scale, adjusted to the proportions of her soul, her singing and her inspiration. Whether she literally celebrates them through covers of Tom Jobim, Sergio Mendes or Luiz Bonfá, or whether she summons the spirit through the finesse of her performances, Stacey Kent has never loosened the emotional ties that bind her to Brazilian music. An eternal student, this well-informed polyglot, with a degree in comparative literature, has followed her passion to the point of learning the Portuguese language and taking an interest in the cultural and political history of the giant auriverde.

Stacey and the japanese pianist Art Hirahara will go on tour together this year to present their new album, which they have recorded together. The album Songs from Other Places, published in 2021, already showed that this a successful collaboration of two artists.


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  • Stacey Kent - One Note Samba (Lisbon, Oct. 2013)
    Stacey Kent - One Note Samba (Lisbon, Oct. 2013)
  • Marcos Valle, Stacey Kent - Amando Demais (Video Ao Vivo)
    Marcos Valle, Stacey Kent - Amando Demais (Video Ao Vivo)
  • Marcos Valle, Stacey Kent - So Nice (Samba de Verão) (Video Ao Vivo) ft. Jim Tomlinson
    Marcos Valle, Stacey Kent - So Nice (Samba de Verão) (Video Ao Vivo) ft. Jim Tomlinson
  • Stacey KentStacey Kent Stacey Kent
Kent's sensitivity, grace, and multilingual savoir faire all contribute to this pleasure cruise. She serves as an expert tour guide through songs of love, moments of nostalgic reflection, and expressions of joy. Her voice can act as a ray of sunshine or a consoling hand, but above all, it serves as a mirror for the heart.
All About Jazz
"Stacey's singing never lets us forget these songs are about people. Her protagonists come to life so fully in her voice, you sometimes have to remind yourself the CD has no visuals. She has, in fact, much in common with today's finest screen actors who, assured of the camera's ability to pick out detail, portray complex shades of personality, motive and feeling through subtle adjustments of face and's a great jazz diva of our age."
Kazuo Ishiguro, Nobel Prize-winning author
"Ms. Kent embodied the essence of saudade as persuasively as any of her Brazilian idols. As she threw back her head and crooned softly, you had the sense of a woman with nothing to protect, living in the moment and dreaming out loud."
Stephen Holden, New York Times.
"She has charm to burn, a smile that could give you hope in February and sings like nobody's business.”
Joanne Kaufman, Wall Street Journal
"Thoroughly captivating...(Kent's) voice has a startling clarity, turning phrase after phrase with subtlety and an impeccable feel for the music.”
Billboard Magazine
"Her voice is sometimes a whisper, sometimes a confiding murmur, sometimes an exhilarated exclamation; but whatever the idiom or the mood, individual listeners frequently feel that Stacey’s music was intended for their ears only.”
Bang & Olufsen Magazine
"Stacey Kent is a revelation. There is nobody singing today who can compare with her. She has the style of the greats, like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. And she sings the words like Nat Cole - clean, clear and almost conversational with perfect phrasing. And that's as good as it gets.”
Jay Livingston, Three-time Oscar-winning songwriter
Line up

Stacey Kent - vocals

Jim Tomlinson - saxophone

Graham Harvey - piano

Jeremy Brown - bass

Joshua Morrison - drums



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

2024 May, July
2025 February, March
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Ibrahim Bilen
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