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Nikitch & Kuna Maze

The collaboration project between musician Nicolas Morant aka Nikitch and Brussels-based producer Edouard Gilbert aka Kuna Maze began when the duo met at the Chambery Jazz Conservatory in France. Before attending university to study jazz, both artists had trained in classical music while growing up in the Lyon countryside.

It wasn’t long until the duo started making electronic music together – a genre that wasn’t popular at the conservatory at the time, as retaliation. Born out of wanting to try something different, and a mutual love of the same artists, the pair produced their first beat on the train from Chambery to Lyon. Influenced by the likes of Flying Lotus (a pivotal artists for Kuna Maze, who started producing after hearing his fresh sounds), as well as Roy Hargrove, Thundercat, Flako, Dorian Concept, Tigran Hamasyan, Esböjrn Svensson Trio and Erykah Badu – the duo blend their influences from jazz, broken beat and a wide pallet of electronic music, into dance-floor package.

The duo perfectly syncretises their sound – with the vibrant colours of jazz, mixed with the frenetic beats of footwork & juke from Nikitch, combined with the granular synth-cosmict extures of Kuna Maze. This oscillation of jazz, downbeat, and hip-hop produces the duo’s signature sound, a crisp groove-laden output, that offers intimate and irresistible vivid textures to the listeners.

Part of the new wave of musicians, producers and DJs who are heavily influenced by the melting point of jazz and club culture – Nikitch x Kuna Maze draw parallels to UK counterparts such as Neue Grafik, Nubya Garcia, Joe Armon-Jones, and fellow broken beat revivalist Kamaal Williams aka Henry Wu.


13.10.2022 DE-Kassel Schlachthof Kassel Tickets
15.10.2022 AT-Salzburg Jazz & The City
  • CMF | Nikitch & Kuna Maze | Live show @Atelier 210
    CMF | Nikitch & Kuna Maze | Live show @Atelier 210
  • Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Monopoli Driver (Official Video)
    Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Monopoli Driver (Official Video)
  • Nikitch & Kuna Maze ft. Raph Stark - Bruk (One Take Live)
    Nikitch & Kuna Maze ft. Raph Stark - Bruk (One Take Live)
  • Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Jazz & Shit ( Live Version ) feat Raph Stark
    Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Jazz & Shit ( Live Version ) feat Raph Stark
Killer dancefloor business from Tru Thoughts that should appeal to fans of house, broken beat and Brazilian jazz-funk legends Azymuth.
Music Is My Sanctuary, 04.21.2020
Between house and jazz, the doping groove of Nikitch and Kuna Maze.
FIP, 05.19.2020
A collaborative project between Nicolas Morant aka Nikitch Edouard Gilbert aka Kuna Maze. Nikitch & Kuna Maze channel their instrumental skills to create compositions using their common chemistry; blurring the lines between improvisation, production and the art of DJing.
BBC Sounds, 06.27.2020
Tru Thoughts
Line up
3 musicians + 1 crew

Nicolas Morant aka Nikitch - keys, synths, production

Edouard Gilbert aka Kuna Maze - base, production

Victor Pascal - drums



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

2022 all year
2023 all year
Ibrahim Bilen
Ibrahim Bilen
Head of A&R Jazz, Booking Agent / +49 30 26 103 29 22

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