Maarja Nuut

Electronic Experimental Vocal Folk
Maarja Nuut

Maarja Nuut is a violinist and singer from Northern Estonia. Her music creates an intricate layered soundscape in a space where minimalism and experimental sounds meet the musical traditions of long-lived times.

With her voice, violin and loop station, Maarja searches for a lively and relaxed state that gives rise to music and makes her want to prolong being in the moment while altering ways of seeing, hearing and perceiving. It is always “now” and old tunes are as fresh as improvisations which were born a second ago. Thus she creates a quirky world of sound, as if out of a Baltic fairy tale book, firmly rooted in village traditions and yet completely contemporary.

These musical chains are developed further and created anew in a collaboration with Estonian sound artist Hendrik Kaljujärv (HH).

Separately, both Maarja and HH are independent artists whose works are defined by a deep and intense quest to create complex moodscapes. Working together enables them to open new doors for themselves as well as each other. Serving the same purpose, they inspire each other to take bolder steps to create bigger and ever more dynamic forms in combining their music.

Maarja is an award-winning artist and has toured the USA, Canada and Europe. Her second album, ‘Une meeles’, was released internationally on June 3 2016 and generated a buzz in Europe including many glowing reviews. Duo’s debut album is due to be released in autumn 2018.


21.04.2018 IL-Rashayda Al Kamandjati Music Festival
04.05.2018 IT-Catania Centro Zo
05.05.2018 IT-Vittoria Teatro Comunale Vittoria
12.05.2018 DE-Berlin X JAZZ Festival
05.07.2018 PL-Gdansk Sounds of the North
06.07.2018 DE-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt Festival
07.07.2018 DE-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt Festival
21.07.2018 NL-Bussum Wonderfeel Festival
01.09.2018 DE-Hamminkeln-Marienthal Sommerton Festival
  • Maarja Nuut & HH  Live Concert Teaser
    Maarja Nuut & HH Live Concert Teaser
  • Maarja Nuut "Hobusemäng"
    Maarja Nuut "Hobusemäng"
  • MAARJA NUUT 'Siidisulis linnukene'
    MAARJA NUUT 'Siidisulis linnukene'
  • Maarja Nuut 'ÕDANGULE'
    Maarja Nuut 'ÕDANGULE'
„Mystisch, meditativ, zwischen Traum und Wirklichkeit.“ / „… beeindruckendes Geigenspiel“
Deutschlandradio Kultur
„...a striking solo violinist rooted in local folk but taking it closer to the psychedelic. A transfixing performance."
Mojo, The Arts Desk
Une Meeles
Une Meeles
Line up

Maarja Nuut - voice, violin, live looping

Maarja Nuut + HH

Maarja Nuut - voice, violin
Hendrik Kaljujärv (HH) - looping, keyboard, turntables





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