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Lucibela is a smile; a fresh breeze ruffling the bougainvillea blooms and wave tops. The young Cabo-Verdean was born in 1986 on São Nicolau, one of the Barlavento islands – the ‘windward’ isles to the north of the Sahel archipelago. Now she has made her first album, Laço umbilical, the cord that links the singer to her land. Over its thirteen tracks, Lucibela-the-voice-of-gold explores the issues involved: being a woman and a Cabo-Verdean, living far away and loving with sensuality and grace. The secret of Lucibela’s extraordinary vocal technique lies in her ability to explore the deep register of Brazil’s great sambistas while adding a thrilling vibrato.

Written by old masters such as Manuel de Novas and the generation that followed (Jorge Humberto, Betu and so on), the songs from the traditional repertoire that Lucibela champions span decades. Lucibela takes guitars, cavaquinho, saxophone, accordion and violin – all the musical cornucopia of the islands – and blends them in the civilizational cocktail shaker of tablet computers and television. Lucibela projects an intriguing intensity, moving from pure emotion to audacious gambles to firm opposition. Laço Umbilical’s arranger and musical director is the ingenious acrobat Toy Vieira, Cesaria Evora’s associate, who has also worked with Lura.

Beneath Lucibela’s sweet, smiling exterior is a woman who has also experienced life’s hardships. That inevitable involvement of fate in art undoubtedly gifted the girl with her extremely feminine intuition. When she was in the last year of high school, her mother died and left the family destitute. To follow the dreams of her lost mother, Lucibela had to find a job that paid… and the teenager had a talent: singing.

Lucibela shrewdly realized that she could earn a living by singing in the hotels and bars of Mindelo, frequented by tourists who wanted to hear local songs. So she began to cover Cesaria Evora’s repertoire, beginning with Nutridinha, a joyous, beautifully crafted song about bad girls.

Keen to spend more time with her family and daughter, she recently moved to Lisbon. Lucibela explains that to go on learning and not lose her touch, and because singing is a sharing, candid, face-to-face experience, she still performs in the squares and streets. When she mentions that, a blissful smile gently lights up her face.

  • Lucibela - Mi E Dode Na Bô Cabo Verde (Live)
    Lucibela - Mi E Dode Na Bô Cabo Verde (Live)
  • Lucibela - Negue (Live)
    Lucibela - Negue (Live)
  • Lucibela - Dona Ana (Official Video)
    Lucibela - Dona Ana (Official Video)
  • Lucibela - Néo Géo • Live @ Nova
    Lucibela - Néo Géo • Live @ Nova
  • Lucibela - Dona Ana (A capella)
    Lucibela - Dona Ana (A capella)
"Laço Umbilical - is mellow and melodious, and encompasses a lot of what we love about Cape Verdean music."
Afropop Worldwide, 02.28.2018
"I want to sing Cabo Verdean musical genres – such as morna and coladera – pretty much anywhere in the world, and I want to succeed because of my own talent."
KCRW Music, 03.20.2018
"Auf [Evoras, Novas' und Humbertos] Erbe aufbauend vermischt die ebenfalls von den Kapverdischen Inseln stammende Sängerin Lucibela in ihrem Repertoire traditionelle Einflüsse sehr glaubwürdig mit persönlichen Noten."
Arte, 07.10.2018
"Mit ihrem Debutalbum meldet sich mit Lucibela nun eine neue Sängerin zu Wort, die dem großen Idol [Cesaria Evora] vielelicht am nächsten kommt."
Radio Bremen, 02.15.2018
"Ihre sehnsuchtsvollen Morna-Klänge und flotten Coladeira erzählen nicht nur die Geschichten von Schicksalsschlägen, der Liebe und dem Leben, sondern halten auch die Fahne für ihre Heimat, die Kapverden, hoch. Denn Lucibela weiß genau, wo sie herkommt."
WDR, 02.26.2018
Laço Umbilical
Laço Umbilical
Line up

Lucibela Freitas Dos Santos: Singer

Stefan George Lopez Almeida : Cacaquinho

Ivan Adriano Spencer Brito Gomes : Guitar

Aldair Lima Da Costa Neves : Guitar

Pericles Ascencao Paris : Percussion


Lucibela Freitas Dos Santos: Singer

Netto Nelson Ferreira : Guitar

Hatyla Gael Garcia : Cavaquinho



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Frank Abraham
Frank Abraham
Managing Director, Head of A&R Global Pop Music, Booking Agent / +49 30 26 103 29 21

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