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Fado rewired and recast. Raül Refree - one of Europe's most innovative producers (Rosalía, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo) - meets Lina, a Portuguese singer renowned for her haunting interpretations of Amalia's classic repertoire. Analog synths and hushed sonics. Making history by breaking the rules.

Shedding the skin. A fresh beginning. That’s what singer Lina and producer/multi-instrumentalist Raül Refree have given Portuguese fado on Lina_Raül Refree. They’ve sloughed off the old trappings and exacting traditions of the country’s national music and given it into a perfect fit for the 21st century. Gone are the chiming guitars that were the music’s instrumental trademark and in their place comes piano and analogue synths. Together, they’ve reinvented the music that holds a nation’s soul, and done it while keeping the rich beauty of the melodies and the aching poetry of the words that are such a vital part of the tradition.

Lina makes hers the traditional Fado melodies every self-respecting Fado singer knows by heart, while singing contemporary material from someone like pop songwriter Carolina Deslandes, and both have a place in her recordings. Her soul may carry the old memories, the old lessons, but her voice is of our days, and translates all the nuances of love as it is loved today. Whether in a Fado house, in a major concert hall, in Portugal or abroad, Lina is always the same: a true artist who sings what she feels and feels what she sings.

Raül's musical productions combine experimental rock, flamenco, author song and pop with occasional jazz influences, depending on the project. He interprets his compositions in Catalan and Spanish and has produced albums by artists such as Lee Ranaldo, Rocío Márquez, Roger Mas, Nacho Umbert, Senior i el Brutal, Christina Rosenvinge, Las Migas, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Josh Rouse, Kiko Veneno, Mala Rodríguez, Els Pets, among other musicians.

  • Lina_Raül Refree - session Eurosonic 2020
    Lina_Raül Refree - session Eurosonic 2020
  • Lina_Raul Refree live at L'Auditori Barcelona December 2021
    Lina_Raul Refree live at L'Auditori Barcelona December 2021
  • Lina_Raül Refree - Quando Eu Era Pequenina
    Lina_Raül Refree - Quando Eu Era Pequenina
  • Lina_ Raül Refree - Gaivota (footage from the staging of the concert)
    Lina_ Raül Refree - Gaivota (footage from the staging of the concert)
  • Lina_Raül Refree - Cuidei que Tinha Morrido
    Lina_Raül Refree - Cuidei que Tinha Morrido
  • LINA_Raül RefreeLINA_Raül Refree LINA_Raül Refree LINA_Raül Refree
“The result is an album that stays true to the emotional heft of fado while jettisoning the bright acoustic guitars that tradition demands. The duo treat their source material with respect, but experiment with instrumentation, using analogue synths, piano and occasional studio effects to give fado an eerily modern twist.”
The Guardian, 02.14.2020
“Raül Refree […] rethinks fado with the Portuguese vocalist Lina. Out go the guitars, in come brooding synths and keyboards. It’s an effective intrusion. The contrast between the redblooded emotion of Lina’s voice and the cool electronic tones on, say, Destino, is hugely effective … Lana Del Rey meets Lisbon…”
The Times, 02.07.2020
“A great fado record, to say the least.”
Le Monde, 01.17.2020
"Here’s something satisfyingly audacious about Lina_Raül Refree, the debut album from Portuguese singer Lina and Raül Refree (…) The production throughout is minimal to the point of austerity, creating an intimacy that feels like standing with the duo in a darkened room. (…) The singer possesses a voice of fiercely intimate power and texture, capable within one brief musical phrase of tempting a bird to the windowsill and blowing the opera doors clean off (…) Intimate, heartfelt, and solemnly inviting, it’s also a wonderful record".
Pitchfork, 01.15.2020
Line up

LINA - Vocals

Raül Refree - Piano, Fender Rhodes



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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