Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr

Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr

Already as a teenager, Julian Wasserfuhr was thought to be the greatest, most exceptionally talented German trumpeter since Till Brönner. Together with his brother Roman on the piano, they have made an inseparable pair. Their (soul) kinship has been a benefit to their performance together. The degree of trust between the brothers has lent their music a relaxed and unforced character. Whether he’s playing the trumpet or the flugelhorn, Julian is not a representative of the higher-faster-further faction. With his warm sound, he creates truly atmospheric soundscapes. His brother Roman, with his brilliantly accentuated piano playing, isn’t any less a part of the fresh, but still matured and lofty sound of the band. After their highly regarded debut, “Remember Chet,” which they recorded as teenagers, they set out across the German jazz landscape. The German national newspaper, Die Zeit, found the brothers to be “astonishingly unusual,” and the South German, Süddeutsche Zeitung, ascribed a “magical sound” to Julian Wasserfuhr, but most importantly, the brothers from the sleepy little town of Hückeswagen were received by the general public with open arms.

Soon they were playing together with greats like Nils Landgren, Lars Danielsson or Wolfgang Haffner and at the same time they were finding their way to their own, characteristic, melodic and atmospheric “Wasserfuhr sound.”

“I like the courage of simplicity that the two possess. You have to have a lot of self-confidence. What’s amazing is that it’s the opposite of poser-jazz," actor Matthias Brandt sums it up.

After four successful albums, they are now among the most well-known jazz musicians in Germany. With their fifth album, “Landed in Brooklyn,” Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr have now set off on a trip to the homeland of jazz and they landed in an international jazz hotspot: New York. There they met with the American jazz stars Donny McCaslin, Tim Lefebvre and Nate Wood and with “Landed in Brooklyn,” they have opened a new chapter in their impressive careers.

Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr have received some prizes and distinctions. Among others, they have been distinguished with the Golden German Jazz Award.

  • Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr "Landed in Brooklyn" Album Trailer
    Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr "Landed in Brooklyn" Album Trailer
  • Englishman in New York - J. & R. Wasserfuhr
    Englishman in New York - J. & R. Wasserfuhr
  • Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr - Leverkusener Jazztage 2017
    Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr - Leverkusener Jazztage 2017
"Es klingt, als seien Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr endlich da angekommen, wo sie hinwollten: ganz bei sich. Wunderbar freie Improvisationen vereinigen sich mit fast schwebender Melodik – nie klang the sound from Hückeswagen so international, so gut."
Stern, 03.23.2017
„verblüffend ungewöhnlich“
Die Zeit
„Ich mag den Mut zur Einfachheit, den die beiden besitzen. Das muss man sich trauen. Zu bewundern ist dann das Gegenteil von Angeber–Jazz“
Matthias Brandt
"Musikalisch gereifter, innovativer aber dennoch unverkennbar dem Wasserfuhr-Sound und Stil treugeblieben."
Küs, 03.19.2017
Landed in Brooklyn
Landed in Brooklyn



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