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Islam Chipsy & EEK

One of the most thrilling pioneers of the so called Electro-Sha’abi: They’re coming from the legendary street parties in Cairo straight to the dancefloors of Europe!

The virtuoso keyboard player Islam Chipsy and the two highspeed drummers Khaled and Islam Ta’ta‘ (EEK) are delivering acoustic fireworks honeycombed with psychedelic trance elements and panarabic melodies which go straight into ears and legs.

For years now Sha’abi music is setting the rhythm for communal ecstatics at the well-attended and frequently occurring outdoor-parties in the streets of Egypt. This kind of street pop, which finds its roots in the working-class, is political and very electrifying. Artists like Islam Chipy & EEK who expanded this genre with electronic elements have convinced many fans on big festival stages because of their inevitable drive and appealing sound.

After a first live-EP the debut album “Kharaba” was released in 2015. The album reveals the artistically unique spectrum of the band – from fast rhythms up to beautiful self-interpretations of Egyptian folksongs. With a new album in the making we are looking forward for new hot tracks to be released!

  • We Are Europe : Islam Chipsy & E.E.K, live @ Insomnia Festival – ARTE Concert
    We Are Europe : Islam Chipsy & E.E.K, live @ Insomnia Festival – ARTE Concert
  • Islam Chipsy aux Trans Musicales
    Islam Chipsy aux Trans Musicales
  • E.E.K. Feat. Islam Chipsy @ Tusk Festival 2014
    E.E.K. Feat. Islam Chipsy @ Tusk Festival 2014
„They push at boundaries of dance-based music that are widely known and understood… It is astonishing, exhilarating, inventive music by any measure."
The Wire
"„One of the most exciting live propositions on the planet“ schrieb etwa das legendäre Londoner Café OTO über die drei anlässlich einer Residenz dort. Und wer beim ersten Hamburg-Konzert von Islam Chipsy & EEK auf dem Kampnagel Sommerfestival 2015 war, weiß, dass das noch harmlos formuliert ist."
" A truly unique experience." "A truly unique experience."
The Guardian
Line up

Islam Chipsy - Keyboard
Khaled Mando - Drums
Mahmoud Refat - Drums



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

2018 all year
Nils Kreutzfeldt
Nils Kreutzfeldt
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Christin Plötz
Christin Plötz
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