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For more than a half-century, the embrace between Cuba and the United States has been subject to an odd dance of politics, including a still-standing embargo. Nevertheless, the bond between the two nations is deep and strong as ever, expressed most forcefully through the dance of culture—especially music.It’s hard to imagine the U.S. jazz scene without the influence of the many Cuban musicians living here. Yet the musicians who remain in Cuba—whose relationship with jazz and other musical forms stays grounded in their native island’s cultural traditions and daily life—maintain a unique perspective. They tell a specific story.

Un Día Cualquiera, pianist HAROLD LÓPEZ-NUSSA‘s second release for Mack Avenue Records, represents this musical vantage point with force and innovation. He tells this story—his story—with drama, heartfelt emotion and consummate skills. For López-Nussa, whose award-winning music has led to international tours and who holds dual citizenship in Cuba and France, his music reflects the full range and richness of Cuban music, with its distinctive combination of classical, folkloric and popular elements, as well as its embrace of jazz improvisation and interaction.

  • Cimarrón (Video Oficial)
    Cimarrón (Video Oficial)
  • Harold Lopez-Nussa Trio: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
    Harold Lopez-Nussa Trio: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
  • Harold López-Nussa - "Fantasmas En Caravana"
    Harold López-Nussa - "Fantasmas En Caravana"
And what a memorable concert it is. The stripped-down setting showcases Harold’s dynamic pianism and mastery of tempo, whether he’s delivering a dazzling, lightning-fast flourish or spotlighting his elegant touch with a ballad.
It is impossible not to be riveted by the music of Harold López-Nussa and drum-playing brother Rui Adrián López-Nussa.
Latin Jazz Network
López-Nussa's single-note grace is akin to Herbie Hancock's, and his two fiested attacks are as joyous as Chick Corea's .
Un Día Cualquiera
Un Día Cualquiera
Mack Avenue Records


Germany, Austria, Switzerland

2021 on request
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Patrick Weissenfels
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