Gilberto Gil

Singer-Songwriter Pop Latin
Gilberto Gil

Gilberto Gil is probably the biggest musician in Brazil: He has released 51 albums, 12 of them gold, 5 of them platinum status, won 7 Grammy’s, sold more than 4 million albums and received numerous prizes. The 67 year old beloved figure has already been active in the music scene for over 46 years.
Gil forged his own music, by joining rock, reggae, funk and rhythms from Bahia together and writing diverse texts about the varied yet not always beautiful reality of the world. This masterful style has made him into one of the most brilliant Brazilian composers and lyricists.

  • Show "Viva Brasil" Paris parte 1
    Show "Viva Brasil" Paris parte 1
  • Esotérico
Fé na festa
Fé na festa
Line up
Standard Line-Up

Gilberto Gil - Vocals, Guitar
Nicholas Krassik - Violin, Rabeca
Sergio Coelho - Guitars
Arthur Maia - Bass Guitar
Jorge Gomes - Zabumba
Toninho Ferragutti - Accordion
Gustavo Leite - Percussion

Line Up - the string Concert

Gilberto Gil - Vocals, Guitar
Jaques Morelembaum - Cello
Bem Gil - Guitar/Percussion



Benelux, Germany, North Africa, Austria, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Scandinavia

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