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Danilo Perez Global Messengers

Change and uncertainty in the social landscape can create misconception and cause division. Music can serve as a natural remedy to unfortunate situations, providing an uplifting message, connection and common ground. Danilo Pérez’s Global Messengers project advances a mission which is wholly relevant today. When discussing the healing properties of music, the Panamanian jazz pianist, humanitarian and educator speaks of ‘recovering the function of the artist as a tool to redirect humanity in a positive direction.’ The Global Messengers came to fruition through the culture and experiences of its members, hailing from the United States, Palestine, Greece, Jordan, and Panama. Farayi Malek (vocals), Vasilis Kostas (laouto), Layth Sidiq (violin), Naseem Alatrash (cello), Tareq Rantisi (percussion), and Pérez use their talents to make an impression through beautiful melodies and strikingly syncopated rhythms. This music and performance have a rare ability to take an audience to experience the ancient practice of building community through music.

Inspiring young players to believe that they can positively affect their communities as they learn their craft, Pérez serves as a UNESCO Artist For Peace, Cultural Ambassador to the Republic of Panama, Founder and Artistic Director of the Panama Jazz Festival, as well as Founder and Artistic Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute in Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

  • "Expedition" - Danilo Pérez's Global Messengers
    "Expedition" - Danilo Pérez's Global Messengers
“There is nothing small about Danilo Perez’s ambitions. The pianist wants nothing less than to create a Panamanian style of jazz composition.”
“Danilo Perez is a man with some serious jazz cred. The Panamanian pianist got his start playing with Dizzy Gillespie, and continued with Wayne Shorter. As a composer and bandleader himself, he’s practically peerless.”
"[Panama 500 is a] distillation of ideas…mingling elements of classical form, jazz flexibility and Latin-American folk melody… impressive for both its design and its execution, and for the strong implication that those two qualities are inextricable, even indivisible"
The New York Times
Panama 500
Panama 500
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Across the Crystal Sea
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Line up

Danilo Perez - piano

Farayi Malek - vocals

Vasilis Kostas - laouto

Layth Sidiq - violin

Naseem Alatrash - cello

Tareq Rantisi - percussion



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

2021 March, April, May
Patrick Weissenfels
Patrick Weissenfels
Head of A&R Jazz, Booking Agent
pw@f-cat.de / +49 30 26 103 29 22

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