Chico César

Jazz Singer-Songwriter Latin
Chico César

Known as one of the best Brazilian singer-songwriters, Chico César celebrates his comeback to his musical career after almost a decade in politics (secretary of culture in his home state Paraiba). From 1997 till 2005 he played around 30 concerts every year in Europe, at all big world music and jazz festivals.
20 years ago his huge hit “Mama África” put him on the music map of Brazil, and he became a huge pop star in Brazil. But the studied journalist is an intellectual poet and many of his albums were too sophisticated for the pop market. Still, because of his catchy songs and his strong lyrics he remains very popular. Chico César himself is a great singer and guitar player and his musicians are always first class.

  • Mama África (Chico Cèsar)
    Mama África (Chico Cèsar)
  • Templo (Chico Cèsar)
    Templo (Chico Cèsar)
  • Chico César - "À Primeira Vista"
    Chico César - "À Primeira Vista"
  • Estado de Poesia , por Chico César
    Estado de Poesia , por Chico César
  • Chico César - Estado de Poesia (2015)
    Chico César - Estado de Poesia (2015)
„Chico César feierte gemeinsam mit einem euphorischen, in vielen Momenten sichtlich gerührten Publikum den Regen vor dem Kreuzberger Club mit jeder Menge musikalischer und menschlicher Wärme und bester Laune weg."
Estado de Poesia
Estado de Poesia
Urban Jungle
Line up

Chico Cesar - Singer
Gledson Meira Dantas - Drummer
Xisto Medeiros De Sousa - Bass
Helio Giovanni Medeiros Da Silva - Piano/Keyboard




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