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A-Wa ("Ay-wa") is one of the most exciting new bands in global pop music. With unique magical voices and lots of natural groove, the 3 singers (Fair, Liron und Tegel Haim) combine timeless Yemenite folk songs that the sisters grew up on with the modern approach of electronic beats & grooves to create a highly energetic live show. “Habib Galbi” became a viral hit with aound 9million views up to date. Their debut album of the same name, produced by Tomer Yosef (Balkan Beat Box), was released in 2016 and quite successful in France and in America.

  • A-WA - Habib Galbi - Official Video
    A-WA - Habib Galbi - Official Video
  • A-Wa - Tracks ARTE
    A-Wa - Tracks ARTE
"Denn der Klang von A-wa ist für alle attraktiv. Arabischer Gesang auf Hip-Hop-Beats und Elektro, inspiriert von den vielen verschiedenen Einflüssen einer in ihrer Vielfalt typischen israelischen Jugend."
Die Welt
"And while the comparisons to M.I.A. are hard to resist (neon! World music!), the Arava Valley natives are singularly themselves — extensions of a wider movement for Israeli youth to reconnect with their Middle East roots."
Habib Galbi
Habib Galbi
Line up

Tair Haim - vocals
Liron Haim - vocals
Tagel Haim - vocals
Yogev Glusman - bass
Tal Kohavi - guitar
Hod Moshonov - keytar
Amir Zeevi - guitar



Germany, Austria

2018 May, June, July, August, September, October, November
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Nils Kreutzfeldt
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Leya Jerzy
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