Natacha Atlas

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Natacha Atlas

Natacha Atlas is an internationally-acclaimed artist with one of the world’s most distinctive voices. Long known for synthesising western and middle eastern vocal traditions with mind-blowing dexterity, Natacha’s latest work sees her push vocal and musical boundaries even further by effortlessly weaving jazz traditions into her already unique blend.

It is thus unsurprising that Natacha’s output is as rich as it is diverse. In the past, she has worked with Peter Gabriel, Nitin Sawhney, Nigel Kennedy, Indigo Girls, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Ibrahim Maalouf, to name but a few, while, most recently, Natacha has been collaborating with the likes of Omar Sosa and Paolo Fresu, whilst co-composing (with frequent collaborator Samy Bishai) the score for Herve Koubi’s 2019 contemporary dance creation “Odyssey".

Over the years, Natacha’s exceptional talent has been repeatedly recognised by her peers and fans alike in the form of a host of music awards (incl. a French ‘Victoire’) along with numerous invitations to be the star vocalist at major events (such as the Millennium concert at the pyramids in Egypt in 2000 with Jean-Michel Jarre) and to appear on the scores and soundtracks of numerous Hollywood blockbusters, incl. Sex & the City 2, The Hulk, Kingdom of Heaven, Brick Lane and Sahara.

"Strange days is a tale of remarkable modern jazz."
"A powerful and intriguing album with an international band, beautifully recorded… A highly individual vocalist stretching herself musically with some top-class musical support."
London Jazz News, 03.10.2019
" A record that wastes no time building a sophisticated atmosphere….Atlas delivers a reined musical experience, one that encourages reveling in the most meditative parts of the human imagination"
Downbeat Magazine
"A strong blend of two authentic musical styles."
Songlines Magazine
"The astonishing Natacha Atlas plunges resolutely and happily into the jazz world by inserting Arabic elements into the heart of songs she sings."
Paris Capitale
"Atlas' extraordinary voice conjures up a myriad of textures, timbre and nuances that from the outset create a comforting yet at times uneasy and disconcerting aspect that heightens the music.."
Jazz Views online
Strange Days
Strange Days
Whirlwind Recordings
Myriad Road
Myriad Road
Emarcy Records (Universal Music)
Line up

Vocals - Natacha Atlas

Klavier - Alcyona Mick

Bass - Andy Hamill

Trommeln - Asaf Sirkis

Geige, Bratsche - Samy Bishai

Trompete - Hayden Powell





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