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Contemporary Persian Percussion

Trio Chemirani

| Iran

„Listening to the three men play, you can't help but be astounded by the diversity of sound and feelings they are able to create using so few instruments. Each song is like an elaborate tapestry woven out of rhythmic patterns to create an image of beauty and splendour. You can almost see them creating the image while you listen. While one of the three lays down a foundation, the other two proceed to entwine layer upon layer of patterns and sound through and around it. The result is a kaleidoscope of textures as brilliant to the ear as colours are to the eye

On Tour

Little Drop Of Poison (7640 Bytes)

Rebekka Bakken

06.11. DE-Oldenburg
07.11. DE-Hannover
08.03. AT-Graz
11.03. DE-Mainz

Rebekka Bakken zählt ohne Zweifel zu den markantesten weiblichen Stimmen Europas.