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Jazz, Elektro, Rock, Drum\\\'n\\\'Bass

Thomas de Pourquery

| France

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Patrick Weißenfels
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Sun Ra, as a deep and strong inspiration, far beyond music itself; his spirit, love and craziness have not gone out of fashion. Often known as the most popular of the free-jazz performers and as a guru preaching cosmic philosophy, he is first and foremost a genius musician and composer, who has tasted and transcended all musical genres.

Supersonic, Thomas de Pourquery’s new project, created in 2011, is a stunning electro-rock and drum’n’bass encounter where six avant-garde musicians from the French jazz scene revisit the sublime and mystical repertoire of Sun Ra’s trances with jubilation.

current album: Sons of Love (Blue Records 2017)

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Ed Motta (7970 Bytes)

Ed Motta

19.08. NL-Rotterdam
22.08. GB-London
26.08. CH-Auvenier

ED MOTTA (Soul, Jazz - Brazil) The internationally acclaimed multi-talent musician and universal bon vivant from Rio just released his new album, bringing together modal Jazz with a deep sense of Soul.