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Jazz, Elektro, Rock, Drum\\\'n\\\'Bass

Thomas de Pourquery

| Frankreich

 (291977 Bytes)

Patrick Weißenfels
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Monday morning, 8 am... I heard footsteps in the stairwell... I opened my eyes and discovered a colossal shadow, standing there, at the foot of my bed! My head still half hidden under my pillow, I started screaming: "Why!?!".

I didn’t know where this "why" came from... Did it save me life? In any case, the mysterious giant turned around and ran down the stairs. Thirty seconds later, there I was, my feet bleeding from the broken glass of the kitchen window. The giant was gone, along with my computer and hard drive. On the drive, there were two years of work, including the entirety of my arrangements of Sun Ra’s music. All week long, I tried hard to rewrite the arrangements, but most dated back to several months ago.

How could I possibly recover the third brass line at the thirty-fourth measure? The piano voicing at the beginning of the coda? There was nothing I could do... My morale and memory failed me. I was furious. I was about to abandon the project fifteen days from the first rehearsals. In a flash of unconsciousness, Saturday morning, I decided to listen to Sun Ra again. Here I was, locked to a point of intoxication until Sunday night, my ears lost in the galaxies, vortex, and solar systems of the great Sun, Enfant de Vénus... Miracle. At the end of this mystical weekend, I realized that I had put down twelve tracks on a piece of paper, different than those planned before the colossal shadow... I was hallucinating. I absolutely didn’t see myself writing these songs. Twelve trances, twelve timeless melodies, twelve standards. My life reappeared in a flash through these tracks. The following week I started everything from scratch. Hardly slept twelve hours. It all happened so fast! The project would be called ”SUPERSONIC.”

The extraordinary musicians I got together to play the music of Sun Ra come from as many diverse and rich backgrounds and styles that are addressed by Sun Ra. Although evolving in contemporary music, rock and electro, they are above all great jazzmen, with whom I share the same love of trance, melody and improvisation, the essence of the music we play in this album.

I titled PLAY SUN RA, "Play" as the taste of the game and adventure, "Play Sun Ra" as the desire to share Sun Ra’s composing genius. This repertoire brings together tracks, largely unknown, that are true jazz standards, and that have as all standards, a universal dimension that speaks to everyone and to each of us. PLAY SUN RA is not about paying a devout tribute or imitating the inimitable Sun Ra, but rather to tell our story through this fabulous material, the story of six Supersonic musicians. We express it here and now, with so much joy to be and play together; even greater with the world crying out the urgency to enjoy the dialogue of our freedoms.

Born on 07/07/1977, Thomas Pourquery started playing the alto saxophone and tenor at the age of 14, self-taught, and simultaneously led a high-level sporting career in rugby. The excitement created by his encounter with Stefano di Battista made him choose music over a sports career. In 1998, he joined the class of François Jeanneau at the CNSM of Paris, and deepened his knowledge by playing most nights with the Collectif des Falaises (Maxime Delpierre, Jean-Philippe Morel, Médéric Collignon, David Neerman, Arnaud Roulin, David Aknin, Matthieu Jérôme, Laurent Bardainne, Philippe Gleizes) first at the Studio des Islettes and later at the Falaises.

For over three years, the musicians from the collective practiced, dissected and ingested all styles, from standards to free jazz or electronica. Jam sessions and encounters of all kinds emerged, and they were regularly being joined by George Brown, Sunny Murray, Rasul Siddik, Jim Black, Marc Ducret. This group inspired the birth of the young and talented label Chief Inspector. Meanwhile, he met Laurent Cugny during a master class and joined the Big Band Lumière in January 1999. This would be followed by the Pandemonium of François Jeanneau and National Jazz Orchestra 2001/2002 with which he recorded for ECM. He has played in Andy Emler’s Mégaoctet since 2000 (4 albums for Naïve, Victoire du Jazz et Django d'or 2008).

As a leader, and faithful to his love of all music, with a preference for those of the twentieth century, he created a quintet with trombonist Daniel Zimmermann with whom he won the first prize of orchestra and soloist at La Défense’s national jazz competition in 2002. The band would evolve to give birth to DPZ, and a first album, "He's looking at you, kid" welcomed by a "Choc de l’année" 2009 from the monthly publication Jazzmagazine/Jazzman. He is also the singer/leader of the late Rigolus rock band with which he played all over Europe between 2005 and 2011. In 2012, he released the album "The Endless Summer," greeted by a "Newcomer of the Year (Révélation de l'année)" by Jazzmagazine/Jazzman. In the same year, he created "Supersonic," an unprecedented encounter of six musicians coming from the jazz, electro-rock and drum & bass scenes to revisit the sublime repertoire of Sun Ra. He was chosen to succeed Andy Sheppard as the new resident artist of Coutances’ Jazz festival Sous les pommiers for a period of 3 years until 2014. He is regularly invited to sing, play and record alongside Fred Pallem, Alban Darche, Sarah Murcia, Médéric Collignon, BABX, Oxmo Puccino, Mick Jones and the British pop band Metronomy. "Play Sun Ra," the first album under his name as the head of his new sextet SUPERSONIC, has been released in January 2014 which was awarded as "the best jazz album of the year" at the "French Jazz Award 2014". In March 2017, he has released the second album with Supersonic called: Sons of Love on Label Blue Records.

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