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Contemporary Jazz

Taksim Trio

| Turkey

The Taksim Trio consists of three of the most famous Turkish instrumentalists: Hüsnü Şenlendirici with the clarinet, İsmail Tunçbilek plays the acoustic and electric Bağlama (Turkish Saz) and Aytaç Doğan with the kanun.

The music of these three virtuosos (and superstars!) from Istanbul is fed by both the traditional music of the Gipsy and from the sounds of the Bosphorus. In their programs, they weave oriental melodies traditional Turkish music with elements of jazz and classical music.

Their play and their attitude on stage are sometimes even rocky and their interaction seems magic.

current album: Ahi (Dokuz Sekiz Müzik 2016)

On tour

Ed Motta (7970 Bytes)

Ed Motta

19.08. NL-Rotterdam
22.08. GB-London
26.08. CH-Auvenier

ED MOTTA (Soul, Jazz - Brazil) The internationally acclaimed multi-talent musician and universal bon vivant from Rio just released his new album, bringing together modal Jazz with a deep sense of Soul.