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Indie Folk

Sam Lee & Friends

| Großbritannien

Momentan leider nur in Englisch...

Sam Lee burst onto the music scene in 2012 with his debut album, ‘Ground of its Own’. This startlingly original work received a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, 3 x BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominations and fRoots magazine Album of the Year. The recording was a musical manifesto, reflecting the unusual artistic journey Sam has taken so far. Samʼs musical training came via a unique four year apprenticeship
under the legendary late Scottish Traveller, Stanley Robertson – last of the great ballad singers. Sam became the musical ʻnext of kinʼ and inheritor of Stanleyʼs vast repertoire of songs and an ancient, idiosyncratic Traveller
singing craft.

Sam spends much time researching and documenting the music and stories of the Romany Gypsy and Irish Traveller communities. Regarded as something of a provocateur by some, many see Sam as a pioneer. In 2011, Sam was presented with an Arts Foundation Award, which for the first time recognised and honoured folk music amongst the art forms. Likewise, his band, Sam Lee and Friends, carve a new acoustic sound , their unprecedented instrumentation set in unconventional and contemporary arrangements. Together they challenge preconceptions of what ʻtraditional folkʼ should sound like.

In 2012, Sam performed a showcase at WOMEX, where his impact was such that it has helped lead to work all over Europe, as well as Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Scandanavia. Sam continues to reinterpret the stories and songs of the Scottish, Irish Traveller and English Gypsy communities all of which have propelled Sam and The Friends into new and unchartered territories, where they have flourished. Impassioned and hugely ambitious in scope, the 2015 album The Fade In Time is a major statement from an artist and group extending the borders of their music beyond its national boundaries. The Fade In Time is a distinctive and radical reinterpretation of the British folk tradition.

On Tour

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (6015 Bytes)

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

24.08. DE-Berlin
26.08. DE-Hamburg
19.10. DE-Bremen
20.10. DE-Köln
24.10. DE-Ludwigshafen
25.10. DE-Salzburg

Das AMEO besteht aus 18 Instrumentalisten unterschiedlichster musikalischer und kultureller Herkunft und begeistert mit ausgeklügelten Klangstrukturen und purer Spielfreude.