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Zeitgenössische Afrikanische Musik

Rokia Traoré

| Mali

"Gig of the year."
Sound of the World

'...But the day's star-making performance comes from Mali's Rokia Traore. This rangy, athletic diplomat's daughter seems actorly when emulating a scat-singing chanteuse. It is when she dances, hips swinging half-way to Somerset, and straps on an electric guitar to lead her band in hard, dramatic rock, that she becomes potent with pride.'

"An intriguing, sophisticated and often intimate set… that manages to sound contemporary but still distinctively African. Traore has become the experimental diva of Africa."

"Rokia proves that she is still one of the continent’s finest talents, able to push her musical ideas to the limit without losing the listener along the way. This is quite simply extraordinary, original music."

"Moody, absorbing and subtly melodious. Like Youssou N’Dour, Rokia defies categorisation, continuing to take West African music into areas where tradition is merged into a western pop sound."

"Traoré is a peerless studio singer, and one of the best musical arrangers of her generation. West Africa already has more than its fair share of great contemporary African artists, and with Tchamantché Rokia Traoré shows that she belongs up there with the best."
Observer Music Monthly – Top 5 Albums of the Month

"Arguably the most adventurous African artist around strikes gold with a huge musical leap into the guitar-driven bluesy territory usually reserved for Salif Keita. Terrific."

"A wonderfully multi-textured album and Traoré’s best yet."

"Traoré’s delivery alone is exceptionally emotive: modern desert blues at its most elegant."

"The breadth of Rokia Traoré’s artistic vision has emerged fully formed in her music. Traoré sounds ready to join the big league at last."
The Times

"Traoré’s vocals are agile and emotive rather than imposing, her persona that of thoughtful artist rather than grande dame. Tchamantché is understated to a fault, it songs delivered to murmuring electric guitars and a subdued human beat box. ‘The Man I Love’ confirms Traoré’s versatility and ability to mix radicalism with tradition."

"Her fourth and best album. It's the delicate tracery of her unique arrangements, in which Gretsch guitar, n'goni and classical harp discreetly impose themselves on silence, that make this exceptional."
Independent on Sunday

"This album is stripped down in its textures with guitar, ngoni desert lute and soft percussion behind her gentle caressing voice. It's very beautiful and very Rokia."
Evening Standard

"Underpinned by the spare, warm sound of an old Gretsch guitar and a western pop rhythm section, but the addition of traditional African instruments and a classical harp makes for a rare and beautiful thing. A beguiling work that can claim to be “world music” in the purest sense."
The Sun

"It's the exploratory feel of A Ou Ni Sou, on which Traoré holds forth exquisitely over a single steel drum, that makes you suspect that her music could elevate Africa's self-esteem more than any amount of hot air from Bono or Bob Geldof. "
Daily Telegraph – CD of the week

"Tchamantché s songs prickle with thorny instrumentation, throwing Traoré's voice upfront."
Financial Times

"A beguiling journey across borders, Traoré’s group combining the traditional cadences of the ngoni with the more contemporary sound of a vintage Gretsch guitar."
Sunday Times

"A quiet, entrancing treat."
Hi-Fi Choice

"Expect to find Tchamantché in the if-you-only-buy-one-world-music-album-in-2008 category in the rock mags’ end of year polls, and with good reason. Lovely."

"An impressive all-round album that hints at the common ground between the left-side of pop and roots music."
Manchester Evening News

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