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Mydy Rabycad

| Tschechische Republik

"This album, with their laid-back style and spontaneity supported by their perfectionism, Mydy Rabycad present uncompromising beats perfectly interconnected with jazzy tunes. Sex appeal and spontaneity of redhead diva Žofie Dařbujánová dominates not only on concert stages but her voice can also be captivating with the same intensity on the album Glamtronic." Music Industry News

"It seemed a difficult task at first. A young band from the Czech Republic playing their first U.K. gig and trying to win over an audience – with an average age of about sixty – who’d almost certainly never heard their music before. Also, Mydy Rabycad are a dance band and this was an all-seater venue. So it’s to their lasting credit they won us over and ended their set to great applause as well as a few cries for more. (…)all of them (...) contributing backing vocals that sounded wonderfully fresh and strange. Much credit must go to Tomas Konupka on drums who powered the whole ensemble along and together with Drabek laid down a funky, jazzy, infectious groove." 07/2015, Ian Mole, Central and Eastern European London Review

"(…)Like most of the songs here it’s very danceable while the middle section manages to include a nice jazzy interlude. (...) I’d never heard of Mydy Rabycad before , but I like this album – its tunes are catchy and the music and vocals rich." 06/2015, Ian Mole, Central and Eastern European London Review

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Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

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Das AMEO besteht aus 18 Instrumentalisten unterschiedlichster musikalischer und kultureller Herkunft und begeistert mit ausgeklügelten Klangstrukturen und purer Spielfreude.