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Afro-Pop/ Funk/ Blues

Moh! Kouyaté

| Guinea/France

The virtuous guitarist and singer Moh! Kouyate is anchored in and inspired by both traditional and pop music. This is the truth of his musical identity. Combining the traditional Mandingo genre and afro beat, or funky, singing in Soussou, Malinké, Djahanké, Pular or French, Moh! speaks about happiness, life’s drama, exile, everyday uncertainties in Guinea, struggle and hope. Womex Showcase 2015!

current album: Loundo (Un Jour) (Foli Son 2015)

On tour

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Maarja Nuut

03.07. EE-Tallinn
09.07. DE-Schwerin

The award-winning artist has been absorbing the rich tradition of Estonian folk and translates it into contemporary music.