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Afro-Beat, Folk Rock, Funk

Jupiter / Okwess

| Demokratische Republik Kongo

Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Jupiter Bokondji was born in 1963 in Kinshasa from a family of griots, his grand-mother a renowned healer introduced him to traditional music and rhythms, sounds that are said to cure the sick.

In 1974, his father started to work for the Congo embassy in Berlin : Jupiter settled in Europe, quickly fell in love with rock and started a band mixing African percussions and occidental sounds. At the age of 20, the German adventure ended, Jupiter came back to his native land and decided to work on the forgotten Congolese’s rhythms & melodies injecting in it the hot groove of Africa’s eighties. From this adventure came out in 1994 the band Jupiter & Okwess International.

After 10 years of concerts around Africa, the band had to pause due to Congolese civil war and that’s only in 2007, after the release of the movie Jupiter’s dance, a chronic of Kinshasa’s musical energy, that the world discovered Jupiter / Okwess.
This new start for the band got concrete in 2011 when Jupiter participated to the album DRC Music – Kinshasa One Two, an Oxfam project driven by Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz). In 2013, the Hotel Univers album - mixed by 3D from Massive Attack - was released, once and for all, Jupiter / Okwess’ name & music was resonating across the world : from Hyde Park (where they opened for Blur) to South Korea.

In September 2016, Jupiter / Okwess is back with a new EP Troposhere 13, it announces a new album for the beginning of 2017. With these new songs, Jupiter Bokondji, the Congolese Don Quixote, challenges gloom, fate and also…gravity laws.
Troposhere 13 is linked to the Democratric Republic of Congo’s space program that was initiated 10 years ago and reached its peak in 2009, when the rocket Troposphere 5 was launched with the rat Kavira on board. The fail was memorable: the rocket changed its trajectory, crashed randomly & was closed to kill onlookers. This symbol of an upward trajectory endangered by reality & gravity principles has inspired the band.

Propelled by his band Okwess, Jupiter is still exploring the huge richness of Congolese music and mixes it with the shrilling energy of occidental rock. The EP features Damon Albarn and Warren Ellis (Nick Cave & The bad Seeds, Grinderman…) Trance smuggler & authentic tradi-modern alchemist, Jupiter is a rebel soul, a high conscience that tirelessly acts on local ground, whose texts shelter the wisdom of a kind man.

As an example, the track Musonsu (the nail) praises solidarity, a mandatory value in Africa even if it’s often forgotten…“A nail is used to get things together, it’s important to stay together” says Jupiter. This unity message is the common point of Troposhere 13’ songs and it has a peculiar sense as new general election are coming in this Republic of Congo said to be democratic although fundamental freedoms is still challenged by political power.

Produced by Marc-Antoine Moreau (Amadou & Mariam, Staff Benda Bilili…) and recorded in the famous Parisian studio “Davout”. The new Jupiter / Okwess’ recordings are going through wall of sound in order to put Jupiter into orbit : a new UFO appears in African music landscape, it conjugates Katangese guitars, occidental influences, Fela Kuti ‘s combative instinct and Jean de la Fontaine’s social acuiteness.

On stage, Jupiter / Okwess is a fantastic sonic lab : Going through their 20 years of history as a band, they play the specific sounds of the 450 Congolese ethnic groups and build link with Congolese rumba, afrobeat, soul, funk…Let them take you into their musical afro-space trip !

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Einer der beliebtesten und erfolgreichsten Liedermacher aus Italien im deutschsprachigen Raum. Nach seiner 1 ½ jährigen Konzertpause geht er 2017 und 2018 in verschiedenen Formationen wieder auf Tournee.