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Balkan brass and film music

Goran Bregovic

| Serbia

THE pioneer of the very successful eastern European music, takes the audience on a breathtaking journey through the Balkans and beyond during his concerts with his famous Wedding And Funeral Band.

Well-known as a film maker and ever more well-regarded and sought-after as a contemporary composer, Bregovic has performed in (and mostly sold out) the most prestigious concert halls in the world as well as at many important festivals.

Besides his 9-piece Wedding & Funeral band (and a 19-piece version with choir and string quartet) there are also projects with a symphony orchestra.

His latest album Champagne for Gypsies is pretty danceable and features the Gipsy Kings, Gogol Bordello and Stephane Eicher.

current album: Champagne For Gypsies (Mercury, Universal 2012)

On tour

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Maarja Nuut

03.07. EE-Tallinn
09.07. DE-Schwerin

The award-winning artist has been absorbing the rich tradition of Estonian folk and translates it into contemporary music.