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Soul, Funk, Jazz

Electro Deluxe

| Frankreich / USA

Momentan leider nur auf Englisch

ELECTRO DELUXE A wolf in sheeps clothing. Seven of the most sought-after musicians on the french musical scene. Since 2001, ELECTRO DELUXE have evolved from pioneers of electro-jazz to a energetic cocktail of dirty soul & funk with a touch of class. A reservoir of musical talent, and inspired by the mythical “Funk Brothers” of Motown lore, they are accomplished studio musicians for among others,
Universal & Motown recording artists, Ben Oncle Soul and C2C, who have collaborated on their albums.

At the heart of the groove scene and with the ability to cross-over into other genres, they have enjoyed critical and commercial success in their home country of France with each oftheir last 2 albums topping the jazz charts in France while performing entirely in English. After twelve years of criss-crossing the globe (China, India, Canada, Mexico, Europe, North Africa) and performing at some of the most prestigious festivals (Montréal Jazz Festival, Jazz à Vienne, Cervantino, Solidays, Le Printemps de Bourges), ELECTRO DELUXE has turned the corner and is heading HOME.

In 2010 James COPLEY found a HOME with the notorious french band  ELECTRO DELUXE and thus the band found it's voice. The explosive energy of the raw american and the groove of the accomplished frenchies have hypnotized sold-out venues throughout Europe and particularly in France: L'Alhambra, Solidays, Le Printemps de Bourges 2013, Le Trianon....

The new album HOME is a result of this original and volatile union, the fruit of 3 years of road hardened experience, and exciting moments on stage. This new opus, comprised of mostly songs, is HOMEmade. The band  has worked and sweated over each detail of the process from conception, fabrication, and distribution.

HOME is a HOMEcoming personally and musically for the band. Safe at HOME to express their Soul, and to challenge traditions, ELECTRO DELUXE delivers it's brand of Soul with a contemporary groove and a inclassable voice. More DELUXE than ELECTRO, the band has put the machines aside and have produced this HOMEmade album using vintage microphones, amplifiers, and instruments: Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer, Rhodes...etc.

HOME is an album that is spontaneous, sincere, and raw in feeling, and modern and intelligent in it's sound. 20SYL (C2C – Hocus Pocus) has remixed the first single « Devil » and is the group's graphic designer.


On Tour

Electro Deluxe (34155 Bytes)

Electro Deluxe

29.04. DE-Gronau
30.04. CH-Basel
06.05. DE- Rottweil
01.07. LV-Riga
02.07. LV-Cesis
15.07. DE-Stuttgart
27.07. DE-Karlsruhe
28.07. DE-Würselen
29.07. DE-Nürnberg
05.08. AT-Wieselburg
14.10. DE-Leipzig

Seit 2001 hat die Gruppe sich die Electro-Jazz ihrer Debüts in übervitaminierten Cocktails von soul und funk entwickeln lassen. Erkennbar sind unter allen und Sucht erzeugend.