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Contemporary Kurdish Folk Music


| Turkey

Over the years Aynur has become one of the most well known musicians from Turkey and a representative for the Kurdish people. Her vocal style and her albums are praised not just in Turkish media but also in international media. She is one of the best sellers with her albums among Kurdish folk albums.

Aynur's music is based on traditional Kurdish folk songs, many of them at least 300 years old. All her lyrics are about the life and suffering of Kurdish people and Kurdish women especially. Musically she tries to blend Kurdish with Western music, interpreting her traditional repertoire in a modern way.

Now Aynur’s latest release “Hevra/ Together” comes up with her great collaboration with the famous Spanish producer, songwriter and guitarist Javier Limon who’s also known for his work with world music superstars like Buika, Yasmin Levy and Mariza 5 times Latin Grammy winner acclaimed Spanish producer in world music scene, Javier Limon and Aynur are so smooth with the synthesis of flamenco and Kurdish music crossing the limits. “Hevra” combines all the colours of East and West in a com-mon musical expression..

current album: Hevra (Network Medien, Membran 2013)

On tour

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Maarja Nuut

21.04. DK-Copenhagen
03.05. A-Linz
18.05. NL-Rotterdam
07.06. FI-Tampere
15.06. DE-Hannover
09.07. DE-Schwerin

The award-winning artist has been absorbing the rich tradition of Estonian folk and translates it into contemporary music.